conversations with my mummy dearest

Esther says:
what’s that giant ribbon on your head in most of your face book pix

Geraldine says:
and its a bunny ear called usamimi, its popular in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong!

Esther says:
i tot u are trying to look taller

My mum is way hilarious. She is sometimes psycho, but wayyyy hilarious!

I also complained that it’s high time we should change the fengshui geomancer!!
Because his prediction for me didn’t come true!

Geraldine says:
he said “dear geri, in mid lunar july, u will find love!!”
im so upset haha
i mean hor, if the fengshui master NEVER tell me, i’ll be HAPPY
but since hor he told me, then im very upset haha

Esther says:
ayioh he didnt say which year

Geraldine says:
he said this year!!
has to be this year !!
mummy u shld ask for refund hahaa

Esther says:
i didnt hear which year ma

Geraldine says:
he say this year

Esther says:
is ok , u got mummy’s love
the greatest in the whole universe

I really really miss my mum more than ever!!

I’ll talk about :
1. Joson’s birthday
2. Tea with Joy

Esp tea with Joy, must share with everyone her awesome words of wisdom on bribes HAHAHAHAA!
She made me laugh so hard at the end, it’s a secret I won’t tell, but OMG JOY. HAHAHA.


6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    sandra said,

    LOL your mum is really cute… xD

    maybe ur love is in OZ when u came back to spore

  2. 3

    Kymmie said,

    All I can say is… I have good taste when it comes to girlfriends ;D

  3. 5

    Joy said,

    thanks ah! it wasnt meant to be FUNNY! *sulks*

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