joson’s birthday + tea with Joy

We took Joson out to have seafood for lunch!
Our treat of course!

I’m too lazy to upload anymore pictures of the food we ate, it’s all on FB!
But it was yummy!
For the first time in my life, I ate 2 oysters!!
I really don’t like shellfish (unless its scallops or crayfish/lobster/crab… can you call the last 3 shellfish though? aiya whatever ok)

Happy birthday!

Because he had a somewhat sad birthday celebration on Friday, seeing him so happy eating crab and whatnot, made me happy too :) The boy was practically beaming and it made me feel happy too cause I woke up on the wrong side of bed that morning.

We got him a mini cake and also Kelda baked him a nutella tart, which was so yum!

We later played Jenga and did forfeits!

Took polaroids using Kelda’s camera!
I really want a polaroid camera, but my mum said no *little Britain style*

I like my colgate forfeit the best of course!

Went out with Joy on Wednesday, took her to Denim Co. to have some awesome hot chocolate~!

My milk chocolate was very disappointing though. Mainly coz I tried the dark hot chocolate and it was great, milk one = not so great!

Was an awesome day out chatting.
I don’t know why we can chat nonstop for hours!! Haha.

We then headed off to dinner and I brought her to Grill’d

Joy spotted a ketchup bomb holder hahaa.
Didn’t even know they had that and I’ve been to Grill’d so many times! Haha.


Yesterday, my dear friend of 20 years said to me, that accepting bribery was akin to SEX!
I thought I was tainted, but no!!

Because like after you lose your virginity, you won’t find that sex is such a big deal and bribery is also like that, you just keep accepting.

What logic is this!!  HAHAHAHA.
Super funny!

She told me more stuff later which was even more hilarious that I laughed till my tummy hurt but it’s a secret I’ll never tell! hahaa~!!

Totally miss Trixie! Hope we can have girly talks together in future keke!

In other news, I think I’m overtaking too many cosplay plans. I want to add just ONE more! Gakupo’s harem!
I want! Hahaha! With me as Gakupo of course WAHAHA. Ladies, please come to me *kissy face*

Someone said I really suited the sandplay gakupo look and I was beaming inside HAHA *BHB*
There is a lack of sandplay gakupo / gakupo cossers in general, it’s so sad!
I love the man (Gackt) and his vocaloid part (Gakupo), I wish more people would cos him!

I’m almost tempted to join other sandplay teams to “save” them as Gakupo but nahhh I’ll stay loyal to my current team in SGCafe and with Neko on FB.

Already super excited for photoshoots! Wonder where we should hold it?
Also confirmed You’re under arrest cosplay with baby denise for early 2011 !



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    Joy said,

    there was a poll to say what constitutes a good date. sense of humour ranked pretty high, so i guess i am a fantabulous date! and laughing gives you abs! so laugh more and maybe you can hv 6 pecs to rival nicholas’s 4. :P

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