riverfire + hillsong

Made sushi rolls for the riverfire (20-30 min fireworks display at south bank) gathering we had at steve’s and sam’s!
Was awesome!

We had so much fun and made new friends ^^

Didnt take much pictures coz I was shagged and I didnt bring my camera haha.

The next day, woke up even earlier for church!
Was really super tired but the Lord gave me strength in the end haha.
I’m serious!

Anyways they were talking about father’s day during worship cause in Aussie, father’s day falls on a completely different day when compared to Singapore haha.

The theme was mustaches and I found a mustache post card in my hillsong booklet:


I one day, would like to dress up as super mario haha.

One of the video’s messages spoke out to me in church.

God loves me despite all the imperfections and flaws I have.
There is nothing he doesn’t love about me.

I was so touched then I choked back a tear.

Despite how anti-Christ people have become due to maybe bad impressions of a handful of Christians (I know I was once like that), I wish some people would break down their barriers and have their own revelations of Jesus and of God, my one perfect spiritual father who loves me for everything I am.

Truthfully my life was in utter shit before I was into Christianity. Always hateful, always lacking love, always suicidal but I had a mad tutor (seriously mad expensive too!)  who was a Christian and he started preaching to me about God and slowly and slowly my barriers started to fall apart. It also helped that my elder brother found the Lord too and I too, was influenced and found my own revelations about Jesus and God.

I realised, as I looked back, having faith in Jesus, my life definitely picked up.
My relations with my family grew better (much much better) and everything started falling into place.

Having Jesus in my life truly made living a whole lot better somehow :)

Though that doesn’t mean I like cell-groups still  :P


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