the dude who loves all things pretty

I’ve always be considered a tom-boy since young.
My elder brother tells me, we are male twins, I’m just in the wrong body and got out wayyyy too late haha.
We used to look a little when we are younger, now, we are distinctively different haha.

But people sometimes look at my physical appearance and wonder, what’s so tom-boyish about that?

And I started to come to a conclusion about myself. Inside this shell of a female:
I’m an extremely shallow dude (HAHA) who loves pretty girls.
And since my appearance is a girl and I have to look at her everyday in the mirror, why not make her pretty?
I don’t want to look at a haggard girl 24/7 and live with that. (In the morning when I wake up to wash my face, I get a shock all the time hahaha!)

Thus came my obsession with make-up and clothes to beautify my outer appearance
I started dressing better, taking care of my appearance (When I was younger I was a boy who decided natural beauty was the way to go. natural meaning, no contacts, no doing ur hair etc. WHAT A WEIRD KID I WAS)
I also like my girls in frills and skirts!
In the past I’ll never wear a skirt without some sort of shorts under them, but I learnt to accept skirts and frilly dresses.

Only when I’m dressed proper (to my inner boy’s pref), will I sometimes catch myself staring at my self in the mirror, one too many times (=_=)||
I want to hit the inner-dude in me with a mallet haha.

So in short, I’m a shallow guy who likes oogling at pretty girls (which guy doesnt =_=) so being a girl physically, I would make myself “pretty”, however inside this shell, I sometimes feel like I have a gender identity crisis haha.

Thus I always say I need to find a guy manilier than I am hahaha *ROFL*

Anyways to make this not a totally pointless entry:

I seriously love this song ever sine I played it on my PSP!
I’m listening to halyosy ×ちょうちょ’s cover though, which has more emotion in it, obviously cause it’s being sung by humans !
Which is here:

I screamed with my hoarse voice, rebound and resonance echo in vain
Nothing is left at the end of the unchained me
The bond between us has come apart and is dying away in everyday
Goodbye, my sweetheart, it’s over
We have to leave without turning back


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    Mayonade said,

    A guy manlier than you? Give me a suggestion before I come up with wild guesses, haha XD

  2. 3

    […] the original and another cover here Weirdly I don’t like the Gero piano […]

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