cereal diet!

Currently on Semester 2’s best diet: cereal diet hahaha!

It’s a diet that Kelda and I ingeniously came up with!
All you do is eat cereal for dinner.
Cereal meaning : cornflakes + muselli

I lost quite a bit of weight and Kelda maintained her own weight :D

So we are starting it again!
We bought 3 different cereals today: cocopops, crunchy nut and fruit loops

(fruit loops mainly coz OMG I love them when i was young, they are colourful and make me happy, and Kelda has ZERO childhood and never ate fruit loops or cocopops before D: )

On top of that, we have milo cereal (which is like koko krunch), cornflakes and strawberry muselli ~

Now that I’m happily eating my bowl of fruit loops, I realised, shit thats a lot of sugar hey!
Maybe I’ll stick to eating them in the morning instead (>_>);;

Hope to lose off more weight for my cos (>_<)

I really tried the cabbage diet the other day, and gave up on day 2.
It’s really disgusting after a while haha.
I rather eat lettuce!!

Cabbages have this weird taste raw, compared with raw lettuces (>_>);;


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  1. 1

    Joy said,

    in what way are cocopops, milo and fruit loops considered not junk food? hahaha…

  2. 3

    Mayonade said,

    Umm… no true healthy cereal wouldn’t have all that flavouring and sugar but it’s ok, just don’t go overboard haha. I remember finishing an entire box of cereal and carton of milk at one go once! Because it was so awesome. I had lots of time to regret inside the bathroom after-wards…

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