pretty girls [are fake?!!]

If you haven’t already heard who is Qiu Qiu, she is clicknetwork’s Budget Barbie

She’s super funny and I like how LIAN the way she pronounces some stuff, I DONT KNOW, IM WEIRD!

Anyways I went to her blog and found that she said she uses photoshop lash brushes [ONES I’VE BEEN FINDING AGES FOR!!] for some of her pics. So I went on a google hunt and omg i found awesome lash brushes AND contact lens brushes!

To show you how “fake” girl’s makeup can be / how awesome photoshop truly is :

This is my original pic without any photoshop:

Sad thing is I’m actually ALREADY wearing lashes and contacts HAHAA.

After photoshopped lashes:

I didn’t photoshop the ugly marks on my face, DEAL WITH IT. Hahaha.
But wow, my eyes! D:

Now with scary anime contacts photoshop:

Wahaha! I was lazy to do my other eye (you cant see it anyway so who cares! This is just for fun coz I’m taking a break from researching!)
It’s a tinted blue I had to screen/lighten like fuck to make it natural haha.
I always wanted to see how I looked with silver contacts (very scary and I likey) but decided not to scare my readers and just clicked “colour overlay” to make it blue hahaha!

So… don’t always believe everything you see on the internet / magazines :P
A lot of it is photoshop!

Oh beautiful beautiful photoshop, how you corrupt what “natural” beauty is haha.

In other news, man I think I’m gonna get me some fake wigs/ hair soon!


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    Joy said,

    oooh! i gotta learn how to do that!! so at least i look chio sometimes. hahahahaha..

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