When I’m really bored, I’ll add a new category on my blog just for vocaloids haha.
They take up too much of my posts haha.

Clear’s voice = so awesome!

I’m in the school lab now because I crushed my dongle (the USB device I use to connect to the internet)
I’m like bloody pissed at myself.
Cause I was on my bed tossing and turning, and decided “fuck that light is really annoying hey” (light on my laptop charger connected to my laptop), so I moved to unplug it…

the most stupid thing happened…

Malice (my laptop’s name) dropped to the fucking floor!

Thank gawd it was carpeted floor. So Malice was thankfully safe.
I switched it on and it was a blank black screen with the hand mouse thingum and I freaked.
I turned it off and on and started saying nonsense like “Be good Malice, come on baby, Mummy loves you! Come on honey!” and it was like my laptop fell in love with me and started up right.


But my dongle is like crushed pretty darn badly.
Damn thing won’t work, nor be forced back into it’s original form.

On the bright side, it’s ok, it’s just $100+ to replace it?
If dongle was ok and laptop was not = FML SRSLY.

So I should be thankful, or so, I keep telling myself but it annoys me to spend money on silly things, esp since I’m gonna grad.
Kels was saying I could get my SIM card out, I can use someone else’s dongle and it will work cause we have friends who arent using it anymore but when I think about it, is that gold shit the SIM card thing? Coz if it is, IM SCREWED.

Oh good bye $180? (i think)

So thats something “interesting” I guess haha.
I had a more exciting week (compared to the week before where all I did was work) actually, but I’m too lazy to upload the pics from iPhone.. so (=_=)||

My mum complained that my FB is so boring cause I didn’t upload any pictures.
I told her I was studying, and she told me to take a picture of me studying.. .WTF?

According to my mum, my dad planned what/where he’s going to bring me to makan for the week haha.
I touch down like bloody early in the morning, but he wants to bring me to causarina prata for breakfast haha. *touched*
I thought we could get drive-thru maccas and go back home to zzz. haha

He’s gonna take 2098492842 pics with me whether he likes it or not (…he doesnt like pictures)

P.S If the password to the previous post is the name of one of my dolls that Cupid and Sandra and Jie Qi likes. Esp Cupid. Big hint? Y/N haha. Also capital first letter!  It’s BJD related! Sandra, WE SO NEED TO GOSSIP haha.

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