Because Sammy lent me his dongle that he isn’t using and now I haz internetzzz at homezzz!

I think I’m totally mental today haha.
But I found someone who is so easy to talk to, so I just started rambling like I had verbal diarrhea!

Met Sammyboy and unexpectedly dragged Justin into it too for kadoya curry~
I miss Jappy food! (T^T)
Treated Sammy dinner and then Justin bubble tea coz I had a free bubble tea and it was his bday the next day haha!
Of course getting him another gift another time haha.

We talked about so much shit today and it was super hilarious, the whole story about Justin’s first asian contact in Brisbane.
It’s not funny when I say it obviously, but when the guys said it, super hilarious!!!
Laughed so hard my cheeks hurt (and still are hurting!) and my stomach felt like it was gonna explode haha.

Anyways, a few more days till I reach Singapore
I hope the BC wig I bought from the marketplace arrives in Singapore when I’m in Singapore!
It’s my bribe gift to Kaya. Haha.

I’ve been spending way too much on my dolls recently.
I bought:
1. Sadol vest (So cute!! I wanna make all the BOY boys wear it with glasses haha)
2. Nine9 muffler (it’s a style for Hisoka & Takeshi!)
3. WigWing wig for my princess  [but selling it cause it doesn’t suit :( ]
4. Usagihime wig for Takeshi / whoever. I like wigs!
5. babychannel blond for Kaya
6. 3 pairs of 14mm eyes for Hikaru/Kumiko [but!! they are not here yet!! *death* I hope they arrive in the mail tomorrow!] they arrived! and they are 10/12 mm instead! but still cute!
7. Waiting on a PM for payment info for a sadol dress shirt & DOT pants for Tatsuya [paid!!]
[EDIT] 8. Waiting on another PM for payment info for a stripped jacket & vest for Hikaru + a tee for Kumiko [paid!!]

Do I want to actually calculate how much all the above costs? = no.

I’m sure it has already hit more than a hundred already.
Freaking hell. BJD clothes should be cheaper coz it’s lesser cloth what! >(

I’m still keeping a look out for stuff for Hikaru and what not.
Esp Kumiko cause she has so little clothes it’s almost sad.
But I really can’t find clothes I like that is not on taobao! *sad*

Also cause I had no internet last night, I did up a “story board” of sorts for my boys and Kumiko~
Can’t wait to go back to snap pictures of all of them~~~
And editting (*_*)


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