the beauty of Els

LUTS’ Delf Els were the very very very first of my doll crushes.
I was at some random v-kei forum searching for images when I came across someone’s banner with a doll on it.
I fell in love.

Knowing my primary school friend, Vivian (used to be known as Izumiyavi) had an interest in such things, I went to ask her about it and found out it was a LUTS Delf El~

Right then my interest for dolls bloomed.

It was only after 2 years did I chance upon Dream of Doll’s Elf Ducan. He was amazing! But I wasn’t really into the whole elf ears (yet anyway…). Months later, DOD homme ducan came out! A human form! It was only then did I finally decide to purchase my very first BJD.

But my fascination and obsession for Els never diminished .
It’s funny though because I purchased other dolls but never Els.
I think it was also because some part of me felt that if I were to purchase them (my ultimatum) , what if I lose all interest in dolls? It’s kinda stupid when I think about it.

In my character lists, their backstories have long been planned out, I’m just waiting… for what, that I myself can’t even find answers to.

The other day while randomly clicking and stalking owners, I came across her El which just blew me away!
See here and here
Of course her Genji is also very very hot haha.

It made me think, that’s it, enough of this nonsense!
If I don’t find a doll I want for my 21st.
I’m just going ahead to get a my El twins (dreaming head and open-eyed head).

If I do find a doll I want, after working when I finally get money, they will be the first thing I’ll get (if I don’t get distracted b any limited dolls for sale).

For sure, I will bring home Katsuro and Kaito either this year or next.


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