spring break babeh

But first ^
Look what “fine_XD” tweeted back to me! Haha.
This was in reply to my sad emoticon faces I put when I found out what happened to Kamina  :(
It’s an auto bot that detects sad emoticons on twitter and tells them to cheer up!
I wonder if it’s to decrease the number of depressed suicidal people in Japan :/

Anyways! :
I touched down at 5.15am in the morning and was greeted by no one! haha.
Coz I was supposed to reach at 5.50am Haha .

My elder bro, bless his heart, had only 2 hours of sleep but he still woke up to fetch me without fail as usual! Keke.
My parents came to!

We went to find some prata to eat.
Causarina prata as expected, was close at 6am so we went to find another prata place at Jalan Kayu and got lost and everything.

At this point of time  I was really suffering. I was sleepy and hungry haha.


When I got back, after a while later, my cousin, nephew, grandma and aunt came over~

Forbes is a cute baby now.
He used to be like annoying and boring HAHA. :X

I still think “forbes” is a weird name.
He’s gonna be so freaking funny when he grows to a toddler.
He understands cantonese and chinese, like wtf haha.

Had tea with my parents today~

This was after dragging my mum around trying to find a gift !

Went to Kino and splurged on magazines / mooks~
Ageha, popteen, scawaii and jill stuart mook (with free cosmetics bag!)

My mum actually wanted to get my popteen before I got back but she said it was OOS.
It’s the thought that counts though ,right?
But it also meant she didnt stock up popteen for me at home :(  haha. Oh well.

This happened NOT because of me.
But my MUM who needed foundation and toner~
I was out of foundation too and I usually use Paul & Joe’s (its really good!) but it was like SGD60+ for the refill. Having just spent a bomb on a gift, I was really to spend even more (@_@) so my mum let me ride on her “order” and sponsored Anna sui foundation.

Frankly I’m always not impressed by anna sui’s foundation of any sort. But Tiffany, my fav salesgirl, said they recently changed their formula similar to P&Js D: Not sure about it though. Will talk about it when I actually use it! Gonna use up all of my P&J’s one first haha.

Anyways the lesportsac bags were free if u spend $200 on 1-3 receipts. My mum and I spent more than $400, so we got 2 bags~!

Ah, shopping in Singapore is so amazing~
I’ve been sleeping lots and so soundly back in Singapore too! It’s so amazing.
I fall asleep so fast and sleep for so long haha.
Hope I wake up early tomorrow! I wanna snap some photos of Takeshi before I do my photo-story and meet Kym and Rick~

I looked at Takeshi the other day and flopped a grey usagihime wig i purchased off MP, and omg HE’S GORGEOUS.
So hot. Hahhaa.
So happy I’m finally bonding with my Lance .

Not sure what to do with my Yeon-ho. Still not really happy with him. Ahhh.
Wondering if I should sell and get a school c or just change his faceup.


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