dorrie photoshootz

I spent the past 2 days photographing my dearies~
*pleased with self*

In fact I feel accomplished these 2 days ! Haha

Monday YAY :
♥ Woke up early on own accord to use the toilet (HAHA)
♥ Dressed Takeshi and styled his wig then took photographs
♥ Wasn’t late in meeting Kym
♥ Almost left ezlink card at home but didnt! Phew! Florence also reminded me to bring brolly ~
♥ Met Kym on the bus and went to Vivo
♥ Rick didn’t pangseh us and met us at superdog
♥ Ate onion rings, fries and hotdog (*_*)
♥ Left to Sentosa on the sky TRAIN [not tram or pram, kym & rick! D<] coz cable car was ex.
♥ Played with fishes, sharks [the safe ones anyway] and sting rays~
♥ Spent awesome time with bestie Kym! and watched Rick make a fool out himself and act like a 2 year old kid
♥ It rained but WOOHOO had brolly [though didnt use it much]
♥ Left underwater world and went to Resort World [also went to Victoria’s secret ! 8D but didn’t get anything coz was turned off that Rick’s ex had the same thing ://]
♥ Went to Vivocity and saw cute doggies at Pet Safari
♥ Ate at king louis’ for a knight’s banquet and ate lotsa meat and wedges!
♥ Went to chitchat at Starbucks and drank GROSS dark mocha coffee
♥ Took bus and talked a lot more ~


^ =__= but Kym asked him to do it haha.
BTW that weird creature next to Rick is some water creature thing. It looks like a cockroach!

Rick calls these nigga-mo haha.



I really like my meow remix threadless shirt haha.

Takeshi :

I’ve also uploaded these on SGCafe [parfait prince] and DoA [nariko_bisshi]

Tuesday UPs and DOWNs:
♥ Woke up late and missed the timing to eat mcd brekkie (.__.) … accomplishment level = ZERO ↓↓↓
♥ Ate yummy fish and tofu thingum for lunch that Florence made. Mood ↑↑↑
♥ Dog kept coughing. Mood ↓↓↓
♥ Eye was swollen suddenly. Mood ↓↓↓
♥ Decided to go post office but parents decided to send me ! Mood ↑↑↑
♥ Went to collect my package of insoles for cosplay at the post office.  [i can now be 5cm taller ! 8D] Mood ↑↑↑
♥ Got sent to Lot 1 and went to get essentials and wrapping stuff. For some odd reason I spent $2 on a stupid ribbon. Mood is varied.
♥ Eye felt much better after eye drops so mood ↑↑↑
♥ Took train to meet DD to collect cosplay outfit that I would be modifying [it’s so sad, i bought it coz i needed half of the items in it, plus it was only $25, hie cheap? haha. All i need to do now is get a skirt]. She was early and I was also early so thank goodness I didn’t let her wait long~ Mood ↑↑↑
♥ Managed to “catch train is coming” jingle lots! Mood ↑↑↑
♥ Ate old chang kee curry puff. Instant mood ↑↑↑
♥ Booked appointment at rail mall
♥ Bus came just as I finished curry puff  ! Mood ↑↑↑
♥ Went to see beautician. Mood ↑↑↑
♥ Went home and took pictures in this order:
1. Dressed Kumiko
2. Took photos of Takeshi and Kumiko outside my room, went back to room after
3. Dressed Kayden, went out to corridor and took pictures of Kay and Kumiko, went back to room after
4. Dressed Hikaru and popped in his eyes and horns, went to living room and took pictures of Kumiko and Hikaru, decided Hikaru looks too girly and it was a mistake to lend him Kaya’s clothes, grabbed a random hoodie, went back out to shoot and went back to room after and paused to eat dinner [fried laksa!]
5. Easily grabbed Kaya out of his box, flopped him on his body and stored Hikaru’s head away, dressed him and had trouble deciding what he should wear, changed his eyes and wig, then took pictures of Kaya and Kumiko in room.
6. Grabbed Tatsuya out of storage, dressed Tatsuya and became upset about his stringing and the condition of his oldness (it’s been like 3 years D:). Took pics in room of Kumiko and him after  A LOT of fussing. Stored Tatsuya back and grabbed Roka out.
7. Couldn’t be bothered to change Roka, went out to dining room, took pictures of Kumiko and Roka and had trouble trying to not portray Isora (his split personality) in the pictures.
8. Placed Roka back in storage and de-headed Takeshi. Flopped Hisoka on body and changed him twice. Gotten frustrated at the lack of clothing choices and took pictures of Kumiko and Hisoka.
9. Deheaded Hisoka and changed clothes, then flopped Hisoka on [(*$@(&*@&!], realised mistake and flopped Takeshi back on and stored Takeshi, Kaya, Kayden and Kumiko away.
10. Cleared room and wigs

So much work… (=_=)|| Never want to do a huge photoshoot again unless they all had a change of clothing before. Ack.

I realised some things today:
1. I urgently need to buy new strings and re-string Tatsuya
2. Tatsuya’s face is sad, must find a face-up artiste worthy of painting him! Haha (._.);;
3. Must clean all my dolls and get sponges from daiso asap
4. OMG I really need another SNG Hyul to be Hikaru’s twin sister!! So I’ll stop making my Hyul dress like a girl haha.
5. I will re-home Roka to another mould. I’m going to sell my K-doll Karon.
6. I will re-home Hisoka to another mould. I’m going to sell my Crobidoll Yeon-ho!

But I have no time to go down to the post office so I’ll make sales thread when I get back :(

Well post photoshoot pics tmr or something~ ^^


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