Kaya & Kayden meeting Kumiko

Photos from yesterday!
I rarely do photostories cause it’s so time-consuming but annoying my boys was too fun to miss out!

♛ meeting Kaya

What the hell is this… thing?
You went off to whoknowswhere,
and you brought this.. this… thing home?

Arghh.. It better not have any diseases or something.
And don’t say a word about my hair, I lost a bet, okay?

※ Kaya is actually a blondie ※

… Are you a girl like Kumiko?

…Brat, you’re lucky you’re blonde.
…I’m being childish? I AM NOT CHILDISH!

♛ meeting Kayden

Kumiko says hi and you have an funny eye!

…What the? Oh gawd…
She’s not mine right?

Ok, cool. Thank goodness.
There were a few times when I didn’t use protection and –



Owww, that looks painful, mummy.
Kumiko doesn’t want to make mummy angry ever!

More over at SGCafe OR  DenOfAngels
This is also the first time I took pictures of my whole crew in one day/evening.

After taking pictures of Kaya, my mood just went down cause I was so tired,
so pictures after him became wonky and sad cause I was too lazy to change clothes for everyone else haha.

Anyways today, I went to the original Ya-kun (YAY!) and then to SRC for gym with my elder bro and dad but they didn’t allow non-members ti use the gym (WTF?) so we changed into our swim wear and went to the hot & cool pool.

My elder bro owes me 5 bucks for “canonballing” into the cold pool after I just came out of the hot pool. KEH!
Also went to the sauna and back to the cold pool & hot pool again~

Will go to the gym at the condo tomorrow instead (X_X);; Meh!


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