stylist dudes

Click on over here for Kawaii TV’s march segment on men and handmade deco.

At 15.50 ish, the trio… OMG I want that x-ray face mask and those blue shades haha!

Also from Tokyo Fashion:

Awesome poofy hair and nice eye make!
Ah, Japan, land of awesome fashion sense (*_*)

If you want to know more about Ageha-type eye makeup, I think it would be excellent to buy Ageha October 2010 issue. It talks about 360degree makeup and focusing lots on the eyes and eyelashes.

I actually hate reading magazines online because I like to see pictures up close and flip the pages haha. So I only read online when I’m away from Singapore / don’t have money for some / can’t find some. Haha. So urge you guys to get a physical copy of Ageha as an eye-make manual~

Going to head out in a few hours time to meet Sandra / pnk84 for tea later~ We are bringing our tinies out~
Will dress Kumiko and myself later hoho~


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