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After a brain explosion of nonsense, 18 fucking references later, I’m free.


Just submitted my very last assignment!
Just hope my grades are good enough to grad!


Going down to town to cancel my internet and also grab cosplay stuff.
Ribbons and more ribbons!

Hopefully I wake up early, get stuff early and can start on it early!

Anyways freaking lovely news too! And that is my gakupo sandplay outfit is on its way to Singapore !
Hope it will be all good and dandy and before AFA so I can prepare.
Shipping hopefully won’t take too darn long!

So freaking eggcitied!

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so very not inspiring

This girl, always mean to me, always call me “pork girl” and “chocolian”.
Laughs at me all the bloody time.
Always wants me to smell her smelly jacket.
Denies being mean to me.
Tells me nonsense and begs me to stay longer in Brisbane.
She also shows me horrid pictures of huge ass spiders which I hate.


But she makes my days very very entertaining haha.

Gonna miss you lots, Chuan Er!

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just wanna dance sometimes

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying a-yo, gotta let go
I wanna celebrate and live my life
Saying a-yo, baby let’s go

– Taio Cruz – Dynamite

Suddenly want to go to a club, dance and get loose.

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shop shop shop!! :D

The other day, while I was out with Kels for our fav sushi and bubble tea, I went out to get this!
So bloody cheap aud30! I wanted to get another black one that was about aud40 but I didn’t like the length :(
Also bought a eyeshadow pencil for Miku makeup~

The next day, after my presentation, we went to harbourtown~!
I was dead tired coz I only had about 2 hours of sleep as I kept waking up in fear like “OH SHIT DID I OVERSLEEP”!
And kept rehearsing the presentation in my head (=_=)

Anyways it’s my first solo presentation in uni and I’m thankful for everyone’s kindness!
I’ve gotten a few laughs here and there in the presentation, so I’m totally happy (^-^)

On the train~!

I also woke up to horrendous eye bags :(

Anyways, I bought this at espirt:

I always wanted a pompom winter vest jacket ~!
It stated AUD49 and I thought, OK, CHEAP! GET-TO!
When I went to pay it was only AUD37!

Gonna lug it to my Japan trip~ Keke~

Didn’t really shop much but gotten the following:

The esprit jacket, cheap ass cotton on top with a ribbon behind :D (AUD10), furry beret from tent (AUD4!) and nail polish base which is not pictured.

Going to check the city for winter stuff for my bros too coz harbour town had not much a selection.

Today my plan is to:
1. Finish at least half of my report
2. Pack and clean my room to find Ciel’s rings!
I keep misplacing the damn rings arghh!!

I went to iron my costume for animania today and mannn that’s a lot of freaking layers for the overskirt! 4 in total and I had a hard time ironing it coz it was all crumply and GAHHH! Tried making hat today but realised I needed to get proper ribbons so will grab them another day~

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the parfait will be going to…


For the first bloody time in my stay in Brisbane, I’m finally going to a con!

It cost me AUD26.50! (sgd33.95) WTF.
You people complaining about convention prices in Singapore ought to be kicked in the nuts, damn it!
And it’s only from 10am-4pm.

But the deal is done, Steve and I got the tickets and we are going this Saturday!

I’m going as Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, the strawberry version~

I’ll need to do the following things by Friday:
1. Iron my costume
2. Do my strawberry hat *groan*
3. Find my bottom eyelashes *more groaning*
4. Do WIP report *headdesk*
5. Charge my camera and delete pictures!
6. Buy gel in-soles coz my feet hurt wearing those boots even when I wear them casually :/
7. Buy contact lens drops
8. Polish nails

I’m NOT looking forward being blind. Curses that Ciel’s RIGHT eye is the one with the curse imprinted on it :(
I have a lazy left eye whose degree cannot be corrected. FML.
So I’m going to be semi blind and will have a bloody headache on Saturday :(

But good thing is, I’m gonna cheat a bit and only do eye-makeup for one eye.
After cossing Ciel for 2 occasions, I’ve come to realise the following:
1. My false eyelashes under the eye patch gets crushed real badly… leading to…
2. False lashes crushed into contacts = contacts falling out.
3. Contacts also fall out because of lack of moisture D:

So screw my right eye’s makeup. I’m just doing it normally without lashes haha.
I’m kinda sad coz my right eye’s makeup is always nicer. Also my right eye is bigger than my left =_=||

All in all, I hope people recognise my chara though! Haha. I’m not sure about the popularity of kuroshitsuji in Aussie.

I’ve gotten an email today from an Aussie photographer wanting to collaborate with me, but I’m going back soon :///

Anyways shit. I realised I’m gonna cab down to the venue and it’s gonna be ex too coz it’s officially summer and I do not want to perspire buckets :/

Cosplaying in Singapore is wayyyy cheaper than in Aussie that’s for sure!

Will blog about it and share pictures on SGcafe~!
Look out for it! Hopefully there are nice cosplays ^_^

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Mii-chan is the bombbbb

The man, has a super duper sexy manly voice and he looks super duper cute too!

Ok the one that got me was actually his magnet cover, BUT the quality was kinda mehh-ish so won’t post it.

When I get back to land of awesome internet (aka Singapore)
I’m going to :
1. Watch all his covers
2. Watch all his appearances on nico events (if i can find!)
3. Stalk his blog hahaha!!!
4. Get all his music!

Feel like purchasing some albums! Especially the “select me” one with clear in it. (at least i think so)

Here’s screen caps of Mii-chan by picaaa on livejournal on the utattemita comm!

He has a very “miyavi” feel, I reckon!!!!!

And he does the whole j-rock screeching thing in his covers VERY well.

I freaking love his voice! and his face and his everything.

I feel like some sort of creepy stalker fangirl.
I shall stop that now…. on my blog anyways.

But please check him out! (^-^)/

I sent a order form for 3 different wigs for the following charas:
1. Konan
2. Baidou
3. Sailor Neptune

So you can definitely look forward to me opening the following groups:
1. Sailor moon!!!! srsly!
2. Akatsuki only!

Actually maybe I’ll just open a sailormoon group hahahaha~

OK I should stop fangirling and should start working on my assignments (@_@)

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Week 13
Saturday: [WORK ON:  PR report]
Sunday: PR assignment due [WORK ON: Media report]


Week 14
Monday: Media Report due [WORK ON: WIP presentation (to edit and add pictures)
Tuesday: WIP presentation
Wednesday: [WORK ON: WIP report]
Thursday: [WORK ON: WIP report]
Friday: WIP report due [Buy: gel-insoles and iron cosplay clothes + fix prop on hat]
Saturday: Animania !
Sunday: Pack bags!

Tsktsk what busy weeks :(

Had only 1-2 hours of sleep last night so after lunch, I went to take a long nap.
Woke up with a headache :((((((
And also cramps later.

Really FML.

I wanted to do work but I think I’ll go catch some sleep… still deciding :(

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