spring break update!

Overdue iPhone piccie updates!
The knight’s banquet meat platter I talked about a few entries back:

It’s so-so~
Reasonably priced for a huge serving I guess!

Didn’t eat my fav curry rice, but this is the one from Maxwell market !

Finally! Goreng pisang~!

Went over to Kym’s to pass her gifts and to meet my awesome friends (aka her cousins) haha!
Love her oldest cousin, she’s so funny and energetic haha!

It’s not a cake but a lemon meringue tart ! D:

Had to take this picture because I laughed so hard at her hippo and her tea lover cup.

Kymmie made me ribena but its not sweet at all! :( haha

Like WTF is that.

Those lazy ass bastards must have screwed it up and not bother to make a new one!
This thingy also tasted weird haha.

Met Sandra for tea at Somerset 111~

Very few pictures because my camera had no battery and tinies are really small, I brought the wrong lens and in fact all the pics turned blurry D: *sad*

Anyways this is Kumiko’s first meet with other tinies haha!
She should be surprised !
Also I left all of Kumiko’s shoes in Aussie! FML!

Sandra’s dearies ARE SOOO CUTE LAA WALAO haha.

I’m now hunting for:
1. Volks SD girl (no decided mould, simply waiting for one to “call out” to me haha!
2. Rosenlied tuesday child limited boy!! (poppy/lavender/sage)

FML i keep missing the limiteds!!
I wonder if I should just get a basic and send it to an artist… but… the limited come with super awesome clothes o(T_T)o

Anyways, met Jo for dinner! :

Never want to go back to this place again! haha.
Some katsu place at taka’s basement!

Spent the whole evening with my fav dearies till like 10.30?
Got home and realised my dad fell asleep on the couch while waiting for me haha.
Sorry dad!

Anyways Sandra gave Kumiko and I gifts!!!:

And a cute carrying case for Kumiko kekeke!

I carried Kumiko in my bulky Kate spade bag~ sooo much space really. I think I can fit like 2 more tinies inside if I want ! haha
So this case will be great for just Kumiko~ (until I get more tinies! haha)


Anyways random pic of bread:

It’s actually dice-inspired bread, I chose the one with the number 2 because I’m second-born in my family haha.
The cashier’s name is “Pan Pan”

And I was laughing so hard inside because “pan” is bread in Japanese!
[She is also quite chio btw haha]

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