sew sew sew

Went to spotlight today and bought a handful of items for the new collection I’ll be releasing for 1/6 sized dolls and also female dolls in November. Didn’t buy too many as I’ll be making “prototypes” first~ I’m excited (^-^)v

I’m so very much want a 1/3 female doll now to dress her up in frills! haha.

The other day I went to Kino and found dollybird #14! It was all about alice in wonderland.
I very very much wish I could sew properly and understand patterns! Hahaha!
I’m really so full of fail as I can’t sew straight and I press the stepper too fast coz I’m a violent and impatient person (=__=)||

Maybe after I graduate, I will slowly practice my sewing at my granny’s~
Will probably move the sewing machine over so I can sew and watch TV [like 女人我最大!]at the same time haha,
It’s impossible to do so at my own place because there is no small table near by the TV (=_=)||
It also means that I won’t be distracted to use the internet and thus give up easily haha.

One of my aunts is a tailor (actually i have 2 aunts who are tailors but on diff sides of the family haha) and she comes by my granny’s often, so maybe she can help haha. I’m contemplating taking up prof. sewing classes but I think I might go crazy haha.

I’ve been hand-sew all these while, that’s why I released so few scarves haha.
Most of the time I use the sewing machine, then stop to handsew some parts haha.
Speaking of scarves, I couldn’t find the types of lace I used before, it’s so frustrating!  Ackssss.

Sandra told me that TDA would be held early next year instead.
I think that’s great news for me haha.
I want to set up a booth again and re-vamp my store since I’ll be in Singapore after December and not planning to do my masters anymore [YAY no more studying!]
Also planning to bring in items for other sellers too such as wigs and clothing [unless i miraculously learn to sew in 2 months! haha]

I’m going to be just really making more and more items over these few months and I can’t wait~ keke~
I like how being in this hobby inspires me to create items (*_*)
It’s just a pity it’s really really expensive.

Why couldn’t I fall in love with Pullips at first (T_T)

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