iPhone updateee!!

^ Went to a restaurant in Marriot for some UOB chef creations thing!
This was one of the dishes~ Cute~~
I gave most of my meal to my elder bro though haha I was really full~!

^ Dessert which is really yum with lime sorbet~

Tea at Ion~
Yumyum traditional kaya cake~

Finally bought something from the MAC disney villains collection:

Maleficent is my favourite character in Sleeping Beauty HAHA.
Only bought one cause WTF MAC is really expensive in Aussie? (didn’t know that) it’s AUD46!!!

I think it’s cheaper in Singapore for sure!!

Haha. I ALWAYS like the bad guys (except in little mermaid, 101 dalmations amongst others). Most of them are chio haha.
I wanted to buy something from the Evil Queen collection but wtf aud40 for lipgloss is sad. And I was allergic to one of MAC’s lip glosses before.

Think I’m gonna pick up any nail polish from the collection too.

Really upset yesterday so Steve and Kelda bought stuff to cheer me up:

D: -> face of terror haha.
Super touched though!
Thanks guys (T_T)

^ the men’s pocky has a penguin thingum!!



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    Nouman said,

    lookin cutiepie

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