charlotte, nana or lieselotte

I don’t know which ones to get :(
Not even sure if I can even get any to begin with (=_=)||

But I’m keeping my options open haha.

Anyways, I’ve updated some of my WP pages with pictures D:
Especially for my doll family listings.
Hisoka doesn’t have a nice landscape picture in his Yeon-ho shell so didn’t put a picture for him D:
Hope to get my hands on a nice School C head soon ~

It’s funny how no matter what photos I take of Tatsuya, my favourite is still the one in the nice HZ kimono~ [which had came in the wrong colour (=__=) I ordered a black/red one]
It’s sad but I haven’t gotten him much clothes as of late, after I re-string him and maybe send him to re-touch up his faceup [I wonder if its a good idea, what if he turns out different DDDD: ], I’ll shower him with more…materialistic love (haha)

Wonder how the rosenlied limited in October will look like, I want a boy!! Bt they are releasing girls, hopefully they’re cute, maybe I’ll expand my tiny collection DD: *le gasp*

It keeps raining and its too gloomy for me to do any work, but I’ll start on:
❖ KKB222 group research stuff on child abuse [to finish today]
❖ Ad Campaigns media report [to start on it]
❖ PR portfolio assignment [to start on it]
❖ To email WIP supervisor on which date I’m presenting so I can change my flight details accordingly



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