wheeeeee … *facepalm*


Firstly, I found Yui’s Twitter the other day based on Twitter’s “suggested users to follow”
I left her a message too~ ^^

And this afternoon, I found that she replied back~!

Oh Yui san, you have no idea how much I would love to attend any gyaru events ! Hahaha~
Going to get some Mellish items in Japan to support her this November~

Also I bought another wig (.__.);;
Funny how I was afraid of wigs when I was younger haha.
Bought this:

In royal grey~ !

It’s for a YoSD-sized doll and it’s not for Kumiko D: legasp.
It’s gonna be my stand-by wig incase I purchase a Rosen Lied Tuesday Child.
More gasps.

Anyways what I plan to do is spray it like crazy as soon as I open it so I won’t have to deal with shitty fraying curls in future.

I’m so sick of Kumiko’s soom glot wig.
And on that note, Kaya’s leekeworld wig too.
I cant stand maintaining curls ! Haha.

Today something came over me:
1. I did laundry
2. I packed my room a bit
3. I washed Kumiko’s wig like Sandra suggested I do, with hair mask and all that.

So as I type this entry, her wig is drying and a small part of me tells me I probably ruined it… uh oh.. ?
News about it tomorrow.

Whether I get a volks girl for my 21st is still undecided because I havent seen my mum online to show her pretty pictures of the pretty doll. (It’s very much so leaning towards Charlotte because there’s a seller in Singapore and at some angles, Lieselotte’s teeth makes her looks a tiny bit weird for me)

Anyways I desperatley want another tiny, so even though I’m supposed to be slogging my ass off, I’m also stalking DoA haha.

Also, BNN, a really awesome photographer has signed up for my venomania team as a photographer (What else? haha)
REALLYY REALLY happy with how awesome / epic the team is going to be. We have good cossers on board, good photographers and interested helpers (though we could use more! *hint*)

Can’t wait for the shoot! –> even though I have not started on my costume yet D:

We’ll get there.
I think I’ll fly back early November, so I’ll definitely have time for AFA~ Aslo to take my nephew to the zoo~! WHEEE!

but now, it’s back to PR and advertising work *facepalm*


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