oh my gawd

Week 13
Monday: Advertising pitch meeting
Tuesday: KKB222 DVD presentation & Consultation for PR
Wednesday: WIP presentation [WORK ON: PR report]
Thursday: Ad meeting? [WORK ON: PR & Media report]
Friday: Ad campaigns pitch
Saturday: [WORK ON: Media report & PR report]
Sunday: PR assignment due

Week 14
Monday: Media Report due
Tuesday: [WORK ON: WIP report]
Wednesday: [WORK ON: WIP report]
Thursday: [WORK ON: WIP report]
Friday: WIP report due
Saturday: Pack bags
Sunday: Pack bags

Week 15
Monday: Fly to Singapore!

Things to do this weekend (week 12):
Complete ad campaigns pitch slides [DONE!!]
Complete WIP presentation slides [DONE!! JUST NEED TO FIND PICCIES]

Complete PR techniques assignment [HALF done]
Start on media report

Start on WIP report
Finish up PR assignment


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  1. 1

    Kymmmie said,

    Whoa that is super packed!!

    辛苦你了!! >___<

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