Someone asked me what my next cosplay plans are…. and when I listed them down.. WOW D:

Teams / partners:
★ Vocaloid Sandplay Gakupo for AFA
★ Vocaloid Sandplay Luka for a photoshoot
★ Vocaloid Venomania Gakupo for photoshoot
★ You’re under Arrest Miyuki for photoshoot
★ Final Fantasy 13 Serrah

★ Kuroshitsuji Ciel strawberry version photoshoot
★ Vocaloid Love ward Miku photoshoot
★ Vocaloid Demon wedding Miku photoshoot/event
★ DOLLS Riku, Seijuu, Yoshino photoshoot on different days each
★ Hellsing Sera Victoria photoshoot/event
★ Sailormoon Neptune photoshoot/event

The solos are ONLY because I have the costumes / costumes are in making…
I think I should take a chill pill  hahaa.

Maybe I should get a group for DOLLS and Sailormoon~! D:


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