What I do when :
1. Stressed
2. Bored
3. Don’t want to do work

Thats Kelda’s and her bunny momo.
Samuel tied this ribbon thing on it.
It’s animal plushie cruelty I tell you >(

So I asked her to take this photo and I helped her photoshop it haha.


On the same note, my life is also sad.
Fuck workplace learning and your 18 references.

Thank gawd Amelia told me about it. Phew.

Just dragged Kelda into being dorky with me:


me: We are the best camouflage people EVERRRR.
kelda: I know right 8DD

We can be really fucking dorky haha

Kelda taught me how to turn off flash in photobooth:


Me likey.

Wine time babeh!
It’s called Heaven’s gate.
Super yummy~!

Hungry again so ate yanyan, part of gifts from Kelda and Steve
Kelda wanted to be extra so that’s her hand =_=


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