it’s cursed!

This is a happy Riko.

I think whatever I plan for AFA ALWAYS goes down the freaking toilet.
The first AFA, I didn’t cosplay coz I was in my hiatus mode.
2nd AFA, my wigs arrived a day after the event (=_=) coz of a stupid postman. I cossed on the 2nd day though but didn’t terribly enjoy it much as I would have if I did DOLLS instead.
3rd AFA which I thought I was super prepared for, with a team and everything, I thought, AH it will go according to plan! Finally!

My wig arrived on time too. But.

This explains all:

This is WTF-Riko.

… I have been informed it may not arrive on time.
I’m utterly disappointed :(

I may or may not do a last minute switch to Gumi instead coz no doubt, though I still have a Luka outfit, there’s already another Luka in the team.


Anyways my 3 outfits :
1. demon wedding miku
2. hellsing’s seras
3. sandplay luka

apparently have arrived! cost me over $300 in total, excluding any wigs / props.
I don’t know why I can still sit here and go “hmm that’s not too bad”.
I guess once you’re in the world of BJDs, anything below USD1500 seems a-okay.

I’m going to have to start losing weight though :(
Starving marving style I’m not gonna be anoxeric / bulimic or anything coz I love my icecream and my carbs. Hahaa.

Animania Brisbane is next Sunday I think, I’m not sure if I wanna go or not…
If I do, it will freak the shit outta my friends maybe coz I’ll be a dude… but a girly dude, but a dude nonetheless. Haha.

Must. get. over. this. AFA. thing. first. :(

and… PR. THING. :(


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