diet startooooo

As AFA draws nearer…


Maybe I shouldn’t have a week in Singapore before AFA.
I”m pretty freaking sure I’ll stuff myself silly with all the awesome food.

To prevent that from happening and so I can fit into my costumes (haha)
I’m going on a diet !

I plan to have at least one meal each day solely consisting of soup !

So today it’s:
Lunch : Korean miso soup and fish tofu.
Dinner: [has to go to school] so I’m packing a sausage sandwich with lesser mayo *insert sad face*

Hopefully this works out!
Last night I did 20 sit ups too… I usually do 30 situps and 50 crunches but I haven’t been exercising in a while, so baby steps ok! Haha.

I also plan to go swimming and the condo gym plus running with my elder bro when I get back (:
Soooo very happy he is into the whole body building thing so he shares with me tips on exercising and also motivates / influences me to exercise hurhur.

Anyways for AFA, if I can’t go as Sandplay Gakupo, I’ll just do Demon Wedding Miku.
Gotta learn to move on even though I’m terribly upset and kept sighing the whole of yesterday and this afternoon haha (I woke up at 1 .__.)

I also had a series of weird shit dreams last night:
1. I dreamt of sulli from f(x) and Siwon and the rest of suju PLUS kang ho dong.
It was funny, like we [KHD and I]were asking Sulli and Siwon questions and laughing our heads off. Never mind the fact that:
a) Sulli is NOT my fav member in f(x)
b) Siwom is REALLY NOT my fav in Suju
c) I don’t understand korean?!
d) I havent heard any of their songs in ages nor seen any variety shows with them in it.


2. I was playing some weird shit game with my bros and had to step of shiny things.
It was like one moment we were in the game having to physically move ourselves and the next moment we were just holding controllers and trying to find FAQs :/

There were many other dreams last night but I can’t remember.


Coincidentally Kelda had a weird dream too. She dreamt that she woke up to me asking her if she would like me to cook her rendang for brunch. and she was like “where’s the meat from?” and I said “oh last night’s leftovers”

LIKE WTF HHA. I can’t even cook rendang and I didnt eat beef last night! hahaha. We have no meat in our fridge save for chicken haha.!


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