Mii-chan is the bombbbb

The man, has a super duper sexy manly voice and he looks super duper cute too!

Ok the one that got me was actually his magnet cover, BUT the quality was kinda mehh-ish so won’t post it.

When I get back to land of awesome internet (aka Singapore)
I’m going to :
1. Watch all his covers
2. Watch all his appearances on nico events (if i can find!)
3. Stalk his blog hahaha!!!
4. Get all his music!

Feel like purchasing some albums! Especially the “select me” one with clear in it. (at least i think so)

Here’s screen caps of Mii-chan by picaaa on livejournal on the utattemita comm!

He has a very “miyavi” feel, I reckon!!!!!

And he does the whole j-rock screeching thing in his covers VERY well.

I freaking love his voice! and his face and his everything.

I feel like some sort of creepy stalker fangirl.
I shall stop that now…. on my blog anyways.

But please check him out! (^-^)/

I sent a order form for 3 different wigs for the following charas:
1. Konan
2. Baidou
3. Sailor Neptune

So you can definitely look forward to me opening the following groups:
1. Sailor moon!!!! srsly!
2. Akatsuki only!

Actually maybe I’ll just open a sailormoon group hahahaha~

OK I should stop fangirling and should start working on my assignments (@_@)


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