the parfait will be going to…


For the first bloody time in my stay in Brisbane, I’m finally going to a con!

It cost me AUD26.50! (sgd33.95) WTF.
You people complaining about convention prices in Singapore ought to be kicked in the nuts, damn it!
And it’s only from 10am-4pm.

But the deal is done, Steve and I got the tickets and we are going this Saturday!

I’m going as Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, the strawberry version~

I’ll need to do the following things by Friday:
1. Iron my costume
2. Do my strawberry hat *groan*
3. Find my bottom eyelashes *more groaning*
4. Do WIP report *headdesk*
5. Charge my camera and delete pictures!
6. Buy gel in-soles coz my feet hurt wearing those boots even when I wear them casually :/
7. Buy contact lens drops
8. Polish nails

I’m NOT looking forward being blind. Curses that Ciel’s RIGHT eye is the one with the curse imprinted on it :(
I have a lazy left eye whose degree cannot be corrected. FML.
So I’m going to be semi blind and will have a bloody headache on Saturday :(

But good thing is, I’m gonna cheat a bit and only do eye-makeup for one eye.
After cossing Ciel for 2 occasions, I’ve come to realise the following:
1. My false eyelashes under the eye patch gets crushed real badly… leading to…
2. False lashes crushed into contacts = contacts falling out.
3. Contacts also fall out because of lack of moisture D:

So screw my right eye’s makeup. I’m just doing it normally without lashes haha.
I’m kinda sad coz my right eye’s makeup is always nicer. Also my right eye is bigger than my left =_=||

All in all, I hope people recognise my chara though! Haha. I’m not sure about the popularity of kuroshitsuji in Aussie.

I’ve gotten an email today from an Aussie photographer wanting to collaborate with me, but I’m going back soon :///

Anyways shit. I realised I’m gonna cab down to the venue and it’s gonna be ex too coz it’s officially summer and I do not want to perspire buckets :/

Cosplaying in Singapore is wayyyy cheaper than in Aussie that’s for sure!

Will blog about it and share pictures on SGcafe~!
Look out for it! Hopefully there are nice cosplays ^_^


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