shop shop shop!! :D

The other day, while I was out with Kels for our fav sushi and bubble tea, I went out to get this!
So bloody cheap aud30! I wanted to get another black one that was about aud40 but I didn’t like the length :(
Also bought a eyeshadow pencil for Miku makeup~

The next day, after my presentation, we went to harbourtown~!
I was dead tired coz I only had about 2 hours of sleep as I kept waking up in fear like “OH SHIT DID I OVERSLEEP”!
And kept rehearsing the presentation in my head (=_=)

Anyways it’s my first solo presentation in uni and I’m thankful for everyone’s kindness!
I’ve gotten a few laughs here and there in the presentation, so I’m totally happy (^-^)

On the train~!

I also woke up to horrendous eye bags :(

Anyways, I bought this at espirt:

I always wanted a pompom winter vest jacket ~!
It stated AUD49 and I thought, OK, CHEAP! GET-TO!
When I went to pay it was only AUD37!

Gonna lug it to my Japan trip~ Keke~

Didn’t really shop much but gotten the following:

The esprit jacket, cheap ass cotton on top with a ribbon behind :D (AUD10), furry beret from tent (AUD4!) and nail polish base which is not pictured.

Going to check the city for winter stuff for my bros too coz harbour town had not much a selection.

Today my plan is to:
1. Finish at least half of my report
2. Pack and clean my room to find Ciel’s rings!
I keep misplacing the damn rings arghh!!

I went to iron my costume for animania today and mannn that’s a lot of freaking layers for the overskirt! 4 in total and I had a hard time ironing it coz it was all crumply and GAHHH! Tried making hat today but realised I needed to get proper ribbons so will grab them another day~


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