Animania Brisbane October 2010

For pictures, head onto SGCafe !

As for my own pictures:


Pictures by Steve Awesomeeeee / maxis whatever la, he’s my shushu haha.

No photoshop done except for the credits!
Effects are all from his Lumix shooting modes!
But it made my greyish blue wig turn like dark grey (=_=)||
I’m so impressed with the awesome angles though!
I have such thins arms D:
Went on a diet before the event remember? Haha.
Have to continue this because of AFA!!

Collecting my costumes soon (^_^)
Looking forward to styling my wig and doing the beading actually (@_@)

Just 2 pics!:

I had an enjoyable time though I thought that the event wasn’t worth SGD33!
I was really happy that many people wanted to take photos of me, and complimented on my cosplay (^-^)
Also gave out a random hug on the bridge towards South Bank!
Someone just came up to me and went “omg are you doing ciel?! Can I hug you?!!”

Very out-of-character of Ciel, but Aussies are really too nice and friendly!
It’s hard to be an anti-social Ciel!

More over here!

Anyways up next for AFA:

Hoping his hair will stay the way I want it to!
Have to make boot covers too (@___@)


If I’m going for day 2:


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    […] did a proper shoot from this version of Ciel (which I did for Brisbane Animania) just yesterday~! I’m super grateful that Yee Long (BNN) commented on my thread on SGCafe and […]

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