we’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

Actually I already went. haha.
Went out with my cousins the weekend I got back!
Jac jie, Si min jie, Ying jie and Wilson kor~and of course my nephew~
(Yay! I’m not the youngest there anymore!)

Was so psyched!
I stayed over at my granny’s which is just a few blocks away from my bestie and my cousin jac~
Granny was being really awesome with me staying over and all ^^
Love my granny~!!

Anyways back to the zoo..
It was kinda pretty boring actually. Having already went there like a year or so back with friends.
Not going back to the zoo ever until the pandas get in~!


My nephew can pose!!!
When you whip up the camera, he stares at you wide-eyed and he doesnt blink till you snap his photo!

Freaking vain-pot, but I LIKE.

Saw this at the kangaroo enclosure:

To end off this really short update:



My whole week revolves around AFA so I haven’t been online much and what not.
Except tomorrow, where it’s not AFA-related cause I’m going out with Taichou to a manga exhibit (^-^)

While trying to see how to style my cosplay wig today, I turned to animax and they were showing Kaichou wa maido sama~
Was pretty interesting!
I actually read the manga before.. but I didn’t get hooked onto it at all, but I’m now hooked on the anime (=_=)||
So I’ll be watching it and doing my cosplay preps~

Still undecided if I’m going for day 2 or not because if I do miku, i will have to get ANOTHER pair of contacts!
Thats 4 different contacts I would have used in less than a month! ORZ

My wallet is not happy at all!

Anyways  after AFA, I’ll be having a proper shoot for Ciel~
Can’t wait ^^ Roped in Richard to come help out too~

Ahhh ~~ I like this feeling of being “otaku”-ish (^-^)


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