Cawaii Koohii & other things

Actually I didn’t go down to Cawaii Koohii for drinks, I was to meet cutepetz to collect my costumes I ordered through her via taobao~! I will recommend ordering through her (^-^) She’s really friendly and accommodating!

I went with my elder brother to the cafe today because he had to help me carry my costumes.
It was 2 really HUGE bags! (T__T) I felt really sorry for cutepetz who had to live with my costumes for so many dasys till I reached Singapore (X_X);;

Anyways, the menu was lovely!
They had a series of mocktails named after popular characters like Honey Sempai, Madam Red, Gumi, Kagamine Len and Rin etc~!

I ordered a Megurine Luka mocktail and for my brother, Ceylon tea~

My drink~

I was given a star-shaped stirrer later haha.
I tried stirring it but nothing .__.;;
So I left the syrup sitting there haha, one of the maids saw it and was like “ah! you have to stir it if not it’s not sweet at the top and super sweet at the bottom!”

Me: Ah! (.__.) *stirs*

Maido san: Do you want me to help you?

Me: (T^T) *nod*

Maido san: *furiously stirring*

Me: (ドキドキ) *grateful*


The maids are so cheerful and helpful!
The drink was also nice~ haha~

No comment on the ceylon tea because I’m a selective tea drinker haha.
My brother had no complains though~!

It was nice to also just sit and talk~ (^-^)

They also greeted you loudly and cutely when you enter and when you leave!

It’s definitely a place I wanna go again (^-^)
I’ll bring Steve shushu there hahaa!

Also bought Lego harry potter! They gave me a free harry potter order of the phoenix game too! :


One of the dresses I picked up today:

But I like it, it’s accurate and all! but WHOA !!

In fact the other dress is no different, FREAKING HUGE!!!!!!
So scary (T_T)

Elaborate female cosplays are just… wow.
Gonna go to daiso to get some vacuum bags so I can store them (>_<);;

Have to meet cutepetz again for my hellsing costume cause she left it again! Hahaha~

Also went to Chinatown today~
My favourite shop had the fabric I needed so I purchased 2m! (X_X);;
I really wanted 1m but this granny is always asking me to buy more haha.

Went to get gold trimmings and the sales lady was really beyond nice!
We kept laughing and joking around~
Also gotten satin gloves [FOR NO REASON (X_X);; I actually have gloves, but they looked so pretty (T_T)] and other things I actually don’t really need ORZ.
Chinatown sales people are really awesome if you’re nice to them too! So happy~ (^-^)
But I quickly walked away before I could spend anymore (X_x);;

Tomorrow I’m going to trim my wig, cause it’s like really long and doesn’t frame my face well :(
Go facial [no choice! only slot left (T_T)] then sew my boot covers. ORZ
Also have to take my lil bro out for dinner to congratulate him for finishing O levels~!

Actually maybe after gym, I’ll go sew boot covers hmm……
We’ll see how~
Need to find my gel insoles too since my boots are not of ideal height (=__=)|||


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