AFAX in less than 24 hours~!

Prior to AFAX, I’ve stabbed myself countless of times with the needle while sewing, had glue on different fingers, sneezed like mad due to the dust and fabric material, made many trips to get the right stuff and materials, done beading, harrassed people, forced people into being my slaves (kidding it was my elder brother and it wasn’t really forced I just didnt tell him he had to help me with my costumes HAHA) , walked around in boots & prolly dirtied the floor,annoyed people with my whining, screwed up my wig, spent 2 hours trying to save said wig, spent next 2 hours being upset over it (though it is okay now but not perfect =_=, trimmed the damn thing and being upset at the amount of money I blew on this cosplay.

I hope it is worth it (x__X);;

Not too happy with my boot covers but I honestly can’t give a damn right now (x__x) too tired acks. Will improve on it for the photoshoot instead.

Actually decided to not go for day 2, but it really depends on how awesome AFA is, and if i do go, i will need to get stuff for it (X_X);;

Awaiting photoshoot sessions after AFA ~ (^-^)


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