AFAX is over

Day 1

Hmmm.. mixed feelings penning my experience of AFAX…
Probably because I wasn’t satisfied with my cosplay at all, that and I had to rush towards the end because of my mum.

I’m not happy how my cosplay turned out, I should have spent more time on my makeup and styling my wig (=_=)||
I think I got overconfident with how well my Ciel cosplay was received, I thought makeup would be easy and didn’t practice beforehand. Huge mistake (=__=)|||

As soon as I save my tangled wig (which will be tomorrow), I will start trimming it again.

Though I was in pain and wasn’t too happy at how everything turned out, I’m happy I met such a great group of friends and also had met up with my friends whom I haven’t seen in a while (^-^)
Our group consisted of a Rin, Len, Luka and Gakupo~

We “adopted” a Miku at the event which happened to be my lovely Meiko of my Gakupo harem HAHA. (=3=)

Though I wished Hsei Chien could have made it as our Miku~! She’s REALLY REALLY adorable (=3=) My lenlen kun was super shuai and cute too. Wished I taken more pics with her (;3;)

Thought it was super cute that taichou’s and fukutaichou’s classmates came to help saikang too! So supportive!

Anyways when I met Sandra, she came with gifts! :

Yay!! More brushes!!! (*-*)
She was also in a really cute loli dress~ (*3*)/
Sandra, throughout the event, helped me with lotsa stuff (T_T) Sankyuu~!

Met Jin Hong also, to give him a ticket and he helped saikang a bit haha. Thanks Kuku~!

Also helped our group’s Rin to do her makeup and fix her wig ~
It was my 2nd time helping someone do makeup D:
I’m so happy it turned out well! (^-^)

Picture by Naive Crimson

It’s hard to find a nice group picture coz we always aren’t looking at the same camera haha. Maybe I’ll have better luck with Richard ? hahaa.

Picture by Kazesuki

Photos by JH with edits by me~ and resized for cure~!
The flash was really annoying to adjust because he had no flash diffuser or smth, but he gotten some really nice angles!

With Miku and no edits coz it was low res (.__.)


Became this, when we are serious:

Remember how I have trouble when people touch my leg?
I overcame it that day HAHA.

Hmmmmm after the event, all I can say is…. I’m really not happy with my cos! HAHAH. *gets bricked*
But really grateful for an amazing team!!! (=3=)
I await the photoshoot and I promise I’ll do better (T___T)
I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I want to slap myself silly right about….. now. haha.

Neways, I didn’t really enjoy much of the event due to so much crowding omg.
I got to see the past AFA events better cause I could come in early at like 8am and walk around the stalls and snap away without crowds coz I had a media pass haha. This time, it was different so everything was a blur for me (@_@);;

I think there’s really not enough space for any of the cossers and when we were at other levels, we kept getting rudely chased away by Suntec security, which i understand but must you have been so rude to other people?

I also thought the ticketing system was stupid. Hello, how about some online ticketing and print?!
For animania, you pay slightly more to purchase tickets online (you pay for the convenience) and you get emailed a ticket and then you print said tickets and off you go to the event, where they scan it and you can go in.

I know online ticketing failed when it came to the concerts, but this is not about “who gets the tickets first to get best seats”, this is just about getting tickets without ridiculously long queues.

Left the event at about 6ish maybe? Took a cab home during peak hour *fails*
Called Kymmie to rant/whine about everything and anything haha and then came home to shower and shovel food down my mouth before playing some lego harry potter wahaha. My maid was awesome and gave me a foot massage coz I was whining too much about it haha.

Day 2

Honestly wanted to go, but decided against it (>_<);;
And it reaped good rewards too WAHAHA.

My mum woke me up early to bribe me to go shopping with her.
Bought conditioner:

It’s awesome!! (*___*)
Will get the big bottle after I’m done!

And M.A.C’s tartan tale holiday collection brushes (*_____*) :

Super cute pouch too!
Gotten brushes all for the eyes! (=3=)
Mum offered to get me this eyeshadow palette too, but I felt really bad and declined *angel face* haha

I’m such a sucker for tartan prints.
Super thanks thanks to my mummy.

Came home to cute doggie:

Bro and dog.


I heard there was more space at AFA though and more epic cosplays (^^)
Oh well, there are plenty of events out there hey?

Going to just keep working on getting Gakupo right this whole week >(


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