AFAX more photos~

Actually.. I wanted to blog about the MANGA & ANIME! JAPAN ! exhibition but I thought I’ll upload more pics about AFAX first~!

Taken by the lovely and adorable Hsi Chien chan~ (=3=)
Edited the lighting and colours though!
Thanks for your support (T3T) and so many awesome shots!
One of my fav solo shots so far (>w<)


By Hsi Chien~

This one, found on facebook ~ Too lazy to edit the colors (.__.);;

This is with Hong Ying who came to support Lenlen & Luka chan~
By Hsi Chien with colour edits by me.
Gah indoor lighting on level4 is horrid!

Because Luka chan wanted a photo with me and a fan… suddenly a wall of photographers came (@_@)
Taken by Digdub on SGcafe, with edits by me ~

So happy my face looked flawless despite going to facial a day before. Phew~!
I was so afraid my concealer didn’t conceal any red spots well enough.

My wig is still soaking in a tub of fabric softener after being shampooed, conditioning and hair-masked~
Will dry it tomorrow and then start to comb it out.

I also am going to get a second Miku wig (X_x);;
In fact I should be collecting it on Friday~!

My Volks YoSD Chika, Ayaka, will arrive Thursday too ~ Gotta pay my dad for using paypal though (>_<);;

I have to stop spending cause I’m not getting any allowance from my parents soon (T___T)





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