The other day, I went to the Manga & Anime! Japan exhibit with my taichou~!

In collaboration with the Kyoto International Manga Museum, this manga exhibit was created~!
It explained the history of manga and showcased some famous mangas and anime~
They also explained how manga is created, produced and distributed amongst other things, quite informative, I must say~!


You can read manga there, but it’s all in Japanese… so…. (._.);;

Free manga you can take home with you~!

Time line ~!

Crayon shin chan & sailormoon~!

More about mangas and more mangas you can read~!

One of the lovely illustrations being displayed ~!
This is by Takahashi Macoto
The details in his work are so impressive

Illustrations by Takahashi Macoto.

Wall of illustrations by Singaporean artistes~!

I like the event space, it was very clean and very very well lit!
I also managed to snag a couple of brochures for my upcoming trip to Japan~! ^^

After visiting the exhibit, we went to have tea at Canele at shaw house~
We walked there instead of taking a cab haha. We didn’t know we were so near Orchard *facepalm*
This is sadly Taichou’s first time having macaroons! WHAT?!! Hahaa.

We ordered 6! Taken by my iPhone coz I was lazy.
Hazelnut and Violet are still the best~!

I can’t get tired of usamimis (*_*)

Love this ring!

Ahhh what will we do without technology haha


When I posted that picture on Facebook, another team mate from our Kuroichou group commented:

I can’t wait to cos Nemu again!
Hurry up Taichou!!! And rmb to ask Ken to be Ishida again coz he rocks as Ishida. Haha.


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