it’s 5am..

but I’m still awake with a few songs stuck in my head, like a sick continuous playlist of doom.
I realise I should be sleeping only because Jean is awake (it’s 7am in Brisbane and she has to go to work) and was like “oi pork girl why are you awake?!”

I was confused like “NO, WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?!!” But then it dawned on me … it was pretty late /early.

Anyways, my current playlist of doom:

Wotamin (=3=)/

She has amazing vocal range! She did both Len AND Luka’s parts!! (*___*)
It’s like… simpsons’ voice actors… except better… and hotter.

Because I watched the Glee preview , this song got stuck in my head haha.

Ok, I better go to bed~
Going to meet Sandra for tea later (=3=)/


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