Out and about~

Went out with Joson & Weimin to have dinner and dessert~
No prata yet cause no one had a car we could use *sad face*
Went to some Japanese place at Ion, I had my favourite katsudon~~!!

I said it before and I’ll say it again! : The first human who decided it was a good idea to eat a pig was truly a genius!!

The singpost saga continues ! D:
The next day, I really wanted to call singpost and give them a piece of my mind, though I somewhat simmered down from my rage. (I’m PMSing and cannot be held accountable for the number of times I swore in my previous posts!)

However, having only slept at 5am, I didn’t wake up till 12 noon when Singpost, themselves, called me. D:
After the whole “OMG YOU SUCK” phase, I had left them feedback on their feedback page for speedpost on the very night.

The very nice customer relations lady called to apologise and told me that it is on its merry way to my place again.
What time it reached, though, I have no idea. I came home at 10.13pm and the box was sitting on my table.

I first thought my doll would be in pieces or something because I prolly gave the postman hell. But thankfully, my doll was in one piece~ Phew.

I’m quite pleased that they take complaints somewhat seriously and had responded swiftly and efficiently. But will I ever use EMS again? No, if I can help it.

Anyways back to today!
Went out to collect my 2nd Miku wig and meet Sandra for tea actually, but it became dinner instead haha.

We shared a pizza and calamari~
Then we moved on to dessert (*___*)



Also went to do some window-shopping~
Kinokuniya had a 20% sale so I bought 2 issues of Popsister~
Sandra also gave me her copy of the November issue of Popsister! Thank you! (T_T)
And! She gave Hikaru a SD-sized guitar!! Uwaa! (*_*)
I’ll take pictures of Hiki and the guitar soon!

Thanks Sandra, and aiyo stop giving me so many things (T_T) *feels bad*

Came home praying on the whole journey that my package would arrive!


My Volks YoSD Chika is finally here~~! Keke.
It was a difficult and delayed “delivery” literally haha!!
But I’m a proud mummy~!
My first Volks doll~

Quick picture~! This is Ayaka~ and my sheepie ~!
Will take proper pictures of her soon! (And Hikaru and the guitar!)

Ayaka is a present to myself for finishing university….
At least i hope so….- LET ME PASS DAMN IT (T_T)
I don’t want to study anymore *sobs*

It’s funny how all my female dolls are limited tinies.
I’m still thinking about getting my first female SD-sized doll…
but I have to wait for my uni graduation first (T_T)

Till tomorrow~~ Ja ~!


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