More AFA & Ayaka~!


Aren’t you sick of reading my blog with AFA pics?
Won’t post them anymore coz I’m actually too lazy to even find pictures.
So these are the last!

Photo by Richard~

Photo by Richard

Photo by Richard

Photo by Richard.
He took this small wall of photographers while he was shooting us halfway through.
And I found some familiar faces in this when I looked at it properly haha!

Anyways, I have to flip through more magazines to study new poses~
Must be more creative ~!

I also want to challenge myself and do other characters instead of the norm.
Though this morning at 3am, I managed to psycho Kuku into cosplaying with me this heartbroken dude haha!
It’s such a simple cosplay it’s almost like he won’t be cossing. Haha but it involves helium balloons so YAY!

I slept at 5am but woke up at 12 noon (WOE IS ME) because of family lunch.
There are ONLY three things that get me up on a normal day if I don’t have 14 hours of sleep and you don’t tell me beforehand that we are meeting, and that is:
1. Dim Sum
2. Prata
3. Mcdonald’s breakfast

Anything else = na da response.

So when I came back from stuffing face with food, I actually wanted to sleep really badly, but I decided that would have screwed up my sleeping timings even more!

So I resisted and went to take photos of Ayaka in my zombie state of mind.
Big mistake.
I wasn’t even thinking straight.
Seriously yellow on yellow?
Even my best friend (photoshop) couldn’t even help me…

More photos of her another time.

I have to get her more wigs too. Her head is HUGE compared to my other girl, Kumiko.

Shall save this blonde wig for someone else ORZ

I also purchased 2 other leekeworld wigs for my bigger boys.
Poor dudes must be all neglected!

One of the wigs I ordered:

Can anyone identify what mould this is?
He’s hot! Hahaa. I reckon its Volks… but what exactly (@__@)


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