All day I wanna…

Play Fable 3.


OMG life of a loser |||ORZ

I don’t even want to go out anymore and do any shopping.
I wanna advance in my quest and get stronger, plus get a family -> HAHAHA!!

Fable 3 is hilarious!! You can have mass orgies [and they count them!] and get STDs [they also count the number of that] wtf?!!! Hahaha !!

Actually I’m also playing Lego Harry Potter with my lil bro but I’ve stopped it to play Fable 3 haha.
My lil bro’s always like, “Come on jie, lets play harry potter now!”

Poor boy, coz while I’m playing Fable 3 and catching up with him, he can’t play anything but his PC haha.
No new games on the PS3 so no one touches it unless its lego harry potter time… which for now, is really.. actually…never… (.__.);;

This is really sad, I don’t even go online much anymore except to check emails and bump up my sales posts (@__@);;
I will do a post just for sales and everything soonish~ so maybe it will get more interests or something. Need to sell my boys asap~ (>_<)||

Till the next update~! Ta~!



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