My vulgarity is appreciated!

*sobs tears of joy*


I don’t appreciate it when people say girls shouldn’t swear so much.
But I DO feel like I’m a bad influence on my friends sometimes, so I’ve been trying to cut down!
I accidentally let out a “what the fuck” during AFA in front of my group and felt really bad after (T_T)

The agenda for tomorrow:
1. Visit post office
2. Go to Funan IT mall to pick up hellsing costume
3. Go to Bugis Village to shop
4. Go to Bugis for hair appointment
5. Prolly will meet mum for dinner
6. Play fable 3 -> HAHA

On Thursday will go to “Let’s Sweets” to eat too! I can’t wait!! Cakes! Crepes! Ahh!! (*___*)
Speaking of cakes, my Ciel shoot wil probably have a lot of cakes and what not!
Yuppies! Totally looking forward to it when I get back! (*___*)
I better get some insect repellent though (@_@)


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