I can graduate!!
If academic results thus far are accurate (^__^)

Super happy!

I didn’t find my furry tail today at Bugis |||ORZ
But I spent A BOMB at gashapon machines.

The salesgirl even felt very bad for me and wished me luck many times.

Finally, after killing my wallet about 7+ times over:

I have the whole collection.
This is ONLY because I ONLY wanted ONE. And that is ITACHI! >(

Minato, I got on my last trip to Bugis months back.
Kakashi and Naruto from 2nd trip before meeting Kym. One was for her!
The rest = going with Kym to the store to play more on the same day!

Also super thanks to Kymmie who traded me back the Naruto for a full collection and spending $$$ on it too haha.
Seriously, my bestest best friend, cause no sane friend would do this shit with me ever! Hahaa.

Itachi now hangs on my wallet cause he’s my love.
Minato on my mini dslr camera bag~

No idea what to do with the rest, but I’ll figure out eventually.



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