mash ups!

Not going to blog about anything first till I covered my Japan stuff..
which I’m taking a long time trying to pen my thoughts down.
Ah life of a procrastinator!

Speaking of which, I’ve kept delaying “spring cleaning” day.
My room has absolutely no more space for costumes, clothes, magazines and what not, especially after Japan and moving the stuff in my room from Brissy back here.

Its a fucking junkyard in here!
Semi-glad that there’s no Christmas gathering for my family this year.
Don’t need my relative to see what a hurricane would look like in my room either (>_>);;

The whole cluttering of stuff pisses me off. Haha (.__.);;
Hopefully I will get it all cleaned up by Christmas.
Gonna throw away past documents from poly, books, CDs from the 90s (I’m a hoarder :/) and what not.

Anyways, been listening to mash ups recently!
Contrary to popular belief, I actually do listen to western music from time to time!

I like the first one better cause the second one has Justin Bieber in it (>_>);; I can’t stand his voice and the song and just URGHHH.

And on a non-mashup video:

GD and T.O.P are my favs in Big Bang !
If I wasn’t so tired yesterday, I would have cried tears of joy.
I was seriously that moved when I found out the news and saw the videos haha.

Though I’m not too fond of T.O.P’s hair, nothing beats GD’s old popcorn hair, so I’ll close one eye haha.
In the comeback stage, GD’s hair just reminds me of Shikamaru from Naruto.
No, really :///

But I seriously love their stages!
Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Mnet stage! It’s the most expensive stage in Mnet’s history!

BB fighting~! (=3=)/


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