My Japan trip in 2010

in a nut-shell.


Too darn lazy to post too many pictures, they are all on Facebook anyway~!
Will post specific topic posts in later days ~

On the first day, I touched down at Tokyo and went to Harajuku.
We were planning to show my lil bro yoyogi park and all the bands and stuff, but it seemed like it just wasn’t a day for bands or any performing acts.

I was too tired to even shop but I made mental notes of what stores I wanted to come back to take a look at~

What a familiar sight, this road~~~

Our first place to have lunch was at Kyushu Jangara Ramen at Harajuku.
Voted one of the top ramens in Japan.
My elder bro loves ramen, so this whole trip covered a few top ramen places we “had to” visit.

We went at 11am, so thankfully there wasn’t any queue. There was a long queue after though!
We also had a lengthy interview with some Japanese broadcasting network about foreigners coming to eat ramen in Japan and about this particular store’s ramen. It was all in Chinese though so none of us were too psyched for it. We actually declined earlier, before going into the store but they managed to corner as when we were eating halfway and filmed anyway (=_=)||

My verdict is… try the miso one! The broth is much tastier!

The next day, we took the shinkansen to Osaka~
Lunch was ramen again… (>_>);; This time it was Kinryu Ramen.

Apparently they have many stores throughout Osaka and you will notice the store by a huge green dragon outside.
Well, this green dragon is always blocked something when I see it (=_=)||
If not for my minimal Japanese reading skills, we would have never found this store (>_>):;

Staff-san cooking~

There were only 2 choices at Kinryu.
Char siew and MORE char siew.

Lil bro and I waiting for our ramen~


Still hungry after… we went to find our favourite gyoza~

..which has apparently won many awards before!

The store used to have many huge trophies as part of its decor.

I actually HATE gyoza.
But this was super yum!
Their ramen is actually not too bad too!
Too excited and hungry, I gobbled up the gyoza without taking a pic (.__.);;

Also had awesome spongy cake thing! D:

Though I shared with my bro.. still. (>_>);;
My parents are getting older, so we stopped like every 3 hours to eat something. |||ORZ

We also had Okonomiyaki the next day~

I don’t think this was a very good store, but DAMN THATS EX FOR OKONOMIYAKI !
It was about SGD16+ for one.

The first time in my trips to Japan, we went to Hiroshima.
My dad wanted to go to the peace museum.

I thought that was a bad idea…
For myself anyway.

I left the museum feeling very upset and distraught :/
Didn’t take any pics coz I think it’s disrespectful to do so :///

The only thing that made me like Hiroshima was that they had Momiji manju!

Ok, honestly it was just manju shaped like a maple leaf, but it’s unique to Hiroshima or something and I love maple leafs, and I love manju. WHATS THERE NOT TO LIKE ? Haha.

I went crazy and bought even more of it, in different flavours too. I annoyed the crap outta my bros by going “MOMIIIIJIIIII MANNNJUUUUUUU” everytime I saw one.

Back to Osaka, we had this AWESOME POSSUM UDON at this God forsaken place.
It was really difficult to find. And once in the building = WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE?!!

The store’s called Umeda Hagakure.

Too hungry and tired to snap photos, but this udon has won awards too!
It’s a small store with limited seating space.
The store owner (?! I assume anyway) was super friendly and funny!
He could speak a little bit of English and he was super duper nice!
They make good tempura too!

The funny thing was, we were all so tired from walking everywhere that my elder bro actually said
ok let’s give u, let’s eat something else”, to my mum. I walked towards them and sighed, “What? Give up?! When we are standing outside of the store we are looking for??”

My elder bro seriously does not open his eyes when he looks for stuff, really.
(=__=) This whole trip was full of moments like these :(

We also went to Ringo town where I picked up more Cecil McBee stuff~

I heard this is bigger than Gotemba outlet stores in Hakone.

Gotemba has a larger variety of brands and stores, including my favs: Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood etc etc!

We also went to eat some beef in Kobe at our favourite restaurant: Moriya~

I’ll talk about it another time ~

I spent a whole day shopping at Osaka, so I didn’t shoot anything. My bros and dad went to see the panasonic museum and the gigantor figurine amongst others.

We stayed in Kyoto for 2 nights~
We went to see Kinkaku-ji, the golden pavilion temple

Ticket as entry is not free~

It’s a really nice place !

You can purchase charms too.
I jokingly told my dad I needed one for love… he took it seriously and bought me one for “a good match” (>_>);;
Oh well, I hope it works? Haha. Haven’t figured out a place to hang it yet though.

At night, we went to Gion.
We actually managed to see many Maikos on the street!

My lil bro must be my lucky charm haha.

My dad stood next to one Maiko, while waiting to cross the street and he blatantly stared like O___O
Didn’t snap pics coz I didn’t bring my flash :(

I was really happy though!
I have many books about Maikos & Geikos, so getting a chance to finally see some was amazing~ (*_*)

We also ate the “best sushi in Kyoto” at Izuju:

They are famous for their Inari sushi and Mackaerel ones.
We had to take away the sushi coz we already ate dinner and wanted to just try some sushi as a snack, but they had to ask us to leave as they have very limited space (only 5 tables!!!).

The inari one had other things inside the beancurd skin.
Not sure what it was, I just chewed and swallowed haha.

I actually didn’t like this sushi…
Maybe it’s because I don’t like mackerel.
Bros loved it though!

If you still can’t find Izuju, it’s located really near the shrine!
I walked past it like 5+ times (I was looking for the icecream store kinana instead).
One of the nights, we were there and I happened to be reading my brother’s “must eat notes” when I spotted it (._.);;

We went to Nara deer park too!
Had to take a picture of this sign:

I have gotten bitten on the arse by a hungry deer who came from behind when I was feeding other deer (>_>);; and almost gotten “knocked down” by another crazy deer who was impatient but I backed off before it did anything.

Cute deers but beware really!

The deers attack anyone with biscuits you buy at the many vendors on site.
When you take the biscuits, you hold them above the deer, and if the deer is nice enough, it would bow to you!

Or in some cases, BITE YOU for being an ass for trying to taunt it haha.

Don’t keep feeding the same deer too! Because they will follow you and chase you.
Really, I’ve seen it happen to some people.
They sometimes bite your garments too, so be careful!

Many visitors freak out and throw the biscuits at the deer in fright.
Pretty hilarious scene!

Elder bro and I ~

Roam free ~!!

The parfait prince interrupts this post to show you….


Off to Hakone, the place of hot springs and spa eggs!

I always take a photo of HK and the egg~
The old one was nicer though ! :(

I was excited to eat kuro tamago again~ !
I called it spa eggs coz of the Harvest Moon influence. Speaking of which, I’m going to pick it up again haha *bored*.
Actually… honestly… I think it’s only yummy coz you make the effort to walk all the way up there to the top.

We also went to the Open Air Museum~!

“There it is, dumbass (>_>)”

Forced my elder brother to take this pic, bless his heart and his high tolerance levels of my nonsense. I kept demanding to know where Miffy was haha.

I wasn’t really excited for many of the works in the museum intially, and only wanted to find Miffy haha.
I had a Miffy plushie when I was young and it was one of the cutest thing EVER!

Being in the creative line, I obviously appreciated many of the beautiful works out there besides my Miffy hunt obsession haha.
Not going to post all, but just one of my fav installments:

I eventually found Miffy towards the exit haha.
Didn’t buy any Miffy items though. Needed to save for more important stuff!

Back to Tokyo, I headed off to Shibuya!
I spent a whole evening there on my own, coz I disliked shopping with people who had zero interest in whatever I was buying. I hate the feeling of “burdening” someone :(

Anyways, I saw my favourite J-rock band!

Even though I’m no longer an active J-rock fan, I still support my gaze men!
I watched them grow from an indie band during their Disorder times and into the popular mainstream band they are right now. With tracks on popular anime, Kuroshitsuji 2 and appearances on variety shows.

Back in 2006 – 2008 maybe, I bought every mag article they came out on. [I should sell away some really (=_=)]
I purchased CDs and concert goods.
I got into heated arguments protecting them and what not.

I cried when I watched their liberty six guns live on the dvd I got and still treasure.
“They finally made it big!!” I kept yelling.
It was almost like watching your very own kid grow up and move out.

However, I feel like this “graduation” from J-rock had good benefits for my mental well-being, if not, my wallet.
Being a hardcore J-rock fan, you always encounter many band breakups or member changes. Especially unstable indie bands.
The pain when you hear the news is crazy. I once had 3 indie bands breaking up in one month. I just went mad. Hahaa.

So now, I only support the Gazette and Satsuki of ex Rentrer en Soi and some undercode artistes. Though, not as crazy like before :/

And now, I’m into K-pop! D:

And lookie! SNSD!

Funny thing is I used to be anti-SNSD. Weird how people change haha.
Top favs :  Yoona, Seohyun, Jessica and Soo Young ~! (=3=)

I also had the best Tonkatsu in my 21 years of being a human being!:

Maisen Tonkatsu.
Ate there twice cause it’s just soooo bloody goood!

One of the days, we went to the Tsukiji fish market too~!
However many stalls were closed.
Apparently in December, the fish market is so busy they close their doors for customers ?
We didn’t want to see the fish market actually, we just wanted to eat some sushi !
But the store we wanted to go to was in the section that was closed :(

Spent one of my afternoons at Ikebukuro, Otome Road!

My otome-road goodies!
I will do a post about it another day!


Menya Musashi Ramen!
For real!

I ate Menya Mussou Ramen, which was apparently ranked number 1 in Tokyo, but honestly Musashi is still my fav!

Look at the size of that pork!:

Also the ambiance is much more warm, everyone was very friendly and when they cooked, they made cute macho sounds!
Mussou was very cold and unwelcoming :/

If you looked at all the directions to Musashi, but you can’t still find it, it’s next to Sakura House.

My mum almost booked rooms at Sakura House haha.
It would have been nice to stay near awesome ramen :P

The alley you want to turn into is the one opposite Tully’s coffee!

Turn here!

I’m just gonna talk about this coz it’s the last pic in my cam:

Harajuku Roll!
It’s a nice sponge cake found in the cafe near Zara.
It gets sold out when evening hits, so best eat it during day time~!

Anyways, I’m quite happy with this trip!
I bought many things!
Dolly wink cosmetics, liz lisa items, tralala lucky bag and other tralala items, cecil mcbee items, more cosmetics, figurines, doujins, swimmer items, wigs, accessories, volks stuff, doll stuff etc~~~

I actually manged to stop myself from buying any punk or lolita stuff and spent mostly on gyaru items.

I’m really a happy girl :D
I can’t wait to go back to Tokyo again (T_T)
I can seriously just spend my days at Harajuku, Ikebukuro and Shibuya haha.


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