My twins.. I’m waiting!

Remember when I wrote this ?
Guess Charlotte’s too much of a huge jump for me.
Not sure if I’m ready to venture into the unknown (HAHA) yet.

So I’ve just purchased my El twins!
Kaya’s brothers are finally making their way to me!!

In a month’s time anyway!
SGD658.60 in total. 2 heads, 1 body and 1 neck piece. [oh! plus extra goodies from the winter event! an extra head and finishing tools!]

I’ve settled for the type 3 body because it is supposed to have better posing (^-^)
Can’t wait to have them with me after a trip to a faceup artist.. though that would make it maybe a month or 2 wait longer :( Maybe I’ll go back to my favourite and trusted artist and acquaintance.
She has painted my other 2 LUTS dolls and they are just beautiful!
But I also want to try out other artistes *dilemma*
Today, I sent out Roka’s old head, a Kdoll Karon :(
The feeling is very odd indeed, but I’m preparing to rehome his character to a Kdoll Karen instead.
Why? Because the mould has teeth :B

On a happy note, while spring cleaning, I found the silly black YoSD boot I was missing, but now I can’t find the one that was laing around (>_>);; I also found another pair of shoes and a dress. Both which I don’t remember buying DDD: But yay my girls have new stuff then!

I shall try not to do a countdown. I never do anyway. Even for my first doll. haha.
I was sleeping when Tatsuya arrived and was all “whut ok @_@ *continues to sleep a bit more*”
But I’m so excited! The very first doll I fell for~! (*_*)

It’s quite fitting I guess. They are special to me, and 21st is a “special” year ~

[So I can rehome Hisoka to a volks school c (X_X) *death*]


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