QUT graduation~!

After coming back from Japan, I rested one day and flew to Brisbane the next day.
I don’t even want to talk about my stressful flight (=__=)||
Not taking quantas again if I can help it (>_>);;

But first! On that one day I had free time, met up with bestie Kymmie!

Birthday pressies from her!
Rilakkuma speakers, HK notebook, card and this pink “coupon” booklet.
Has a lot of funny shit like “slave for a day”. WAHAHA.

Speaking of rilakkuma… LOOK WHAT I SAW IN JAPAN! (*__*)
I’m trying to pester my brother to get it for me, but he’s like… “no (=_=)” anyway, I don’t have space in my room :(

Also went to the airport to have dinner before the flight..
We had Astons.
The fuck is that?!

My pork chops were also burnt.

The waiter was being all cheeky and said “Ok, that’s what you ordered but what comes out may be something else.”
You got that right buddy. Thinking of that waiter also makes me feel like shoving the burnt food down his mouth and watch him choke on it. (>_>);; He was obnoxious and just plain irritating in general.

Back to graduation…
Rushed to prepare and went to collect my robes with my housemates~
Everything was lovely~ The staff helped you pick out your sizes for the robes and mortar board~ You dont even have to lift a finger haha.

My parents got me flowers too! 2 bouquets! Whee!
Steve and Jean gotten me a graduation cat! Super cute!
Also some star registration thing!

My granny and I~!

Mummy and I

Dad and I~

Housemates and I~

Kinda funny because we sit on the stage facing the audience.
But it’s good too coz that means we can wave like mad (we are allowed to do that anytime in the ceremony! ^^)

The speeches given were all so very good!

Quite happy with our faculty colours too!

Met Alisa and family the next day for lunch and I brought them to have tea too!
Or rather… hot chocolate :P
Glad they enjoyed it!

Granny and I at this really bad tourist-trap restaurant :(

Wore my Liz Lisa one-piece out on my bday hoho.
The saleslady at Forever New and I talked alot because of the dress haha.
Met Steve for a massage and then Kelda and Kelly and we went for bubble tea and korean dinner.

I’m not too… excited for my own birthday to tell the truth..
I have a peter-pan syndrome. I don’t like knowing I’m older. Haha.
So simple is good!

We went to freestyle after for supper and drinks!
Managed to talk my way out of going to the strip club haha and made a promise to go another day instead.
I was NOT wearing my fav dress to a strip club :/ haha.

Anyways, was really happy when they made me open my gifts haha.

Fujifilm instant camera! Even with that mirror thing so I can camwhore properly haha!

My first pic!

Apparently this is Jean’s idea haha!
They got me a book of lists.
And they filled it with funny stuff haha.
For example, one of it was “favourite films?” and someone put “gay porn” just because I said I watched yaoi (>_>);;

Also a huge ass card, literally!
Took this because Steve insisted and I was prolly high haha.

Also gotten a tamago pan, lotsa film for the camera and  a chewie plushie from Steve for xmas! (^_^)

After my bday, I went to farm for 2 nights~!
It was super beautiful~!
I went horseback riding and fed uber cute… cows?
I don’t know if they are still considered cows.. maybe oxen???
I don’t know la. But they were really cute and had massive horns. *love*

After coming back from farm, ITS STRIP CLUB NIGHT!

Waitingggg for them to pick me up!

The strip club was great!
As you know, I appreciate the beauty of a women’s body… even more so naked WAHAHA.

When we first got there, the first dancer was… not impressive at all! So was the second dancer.
The DJ kept urging people to tip the girls to strip down to.. well.. nothing. But honestly, they were not even worth a buck in my wallet!

The third dancer, Miya, came out in red undies and had such a hot hot hot body! (I like skinny-thin girls :/ )
She also did some wild aerobatic shit on the pole! (*___*)
Gave her $20 after maybe 2 songs and she started stripping D8

After being in the club for a while, it started to get boring because the dancers weren’t getting much hotter except for a few haha.

So we left to eat dim sum till like midnight.
Yes, dim sum in Logan is open till past midnight.
Weirdddd haha.

Anyways that’s about it. Too lazy to write further~

Because it’s xmas eve:

Cute eh?
But it doesn’t taste very nice haha.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!

God Bless,


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