Beautiful X’mas day~!

Ah~~~ woke up to my lil brother’s cute smiling face HAHA.
He was tasked to wake me up and he said he was so scared so he put on his “cute” act.
I woke up normally and then gotten a surprise!

Instead of a log cake, my mum got me one of those HUGE key-shaped cakes people get on their 21st birthdays haha.

Yum yum!

Excuse the fresh-face (>_>);;
I only put on contacts and grabbed a random shirt on haha (.__.);;

Granny came over too~!

With lil bro and granny. My elder brother was sick and thus snoozing away~

Don’t know why my mum used “Geraldine Ee”… (>_>);;
I assumed it was just “Geraldine” or “Geri” Haha.
But it’s ok, I like eating the wordings hahaa!!

With dad!

And wonderful mum!

We then had xmas lunch~ pork knuckles and turkey!
Yum yum!

Later in the day, I spent Xmas with my my iTunes library and my boys.
I took them out and gave them a sponge bath.
I also changed all their clothes.
This took forever (@__@)
I wasn’t happy with some things so I kept changing them (@_@)

Also I throw out some of their PVC items that were flaking.
My heart hurts! One of those sets cost me about SGD100+??
I hate Singapore weather :(

Anyways I purchased some strings for restringing Tatsuya a while back…
However… I found out it was only 1 string that was enough for the body… ||ORZ
Should have gotten more!
Tatsuya came to be in 2007.
And I haven’t restrung him since.
The last time I tried doing it was with my AA Yi and it was beyond epic failure (>_>);;

But this time with determination, I managed to restring Tatsuya’s lower body.
I actually found some extra string after the whole ordeal… so I’m going to restring him completely soon!

I also want to send him for a new face-up. I want his current face, but it needs a freshening up (X_X);;
The question is.. who do I send him to (;__;) He’s too precious to me and I don’t want to cock up (;__;)

Anyways, my boys are all dressed for the New Year’s.
And when I take photos for it… you will be scratching your heads.
Coz I was…
I don’t know why they are wearing what they are wearing.. ||ORZ

Everytime I look at their storage “box” of clothes.. I think “THEY HAVE TOO MANY!”
But when it’s time to change = “OMG WHY DIDNT I BUY MORE!”
Maybe it’s because I have too many (in my opinion anyway) and they all dress differently.


Anyways by the time I was done with everything, it was late and it was about to rain.
But I desperately wanted to snap photos of Kaya.

I had on this wig on him before, and it looked completely off for him!
I was heart broken coz it was a somewhat rare wig and it was expensive.
Somehow I thought I’ld give it a second chance.. and PHEW!
It looked okay, if not goooood.


Ok I know my doll pics are always blue-ish.
But honestly, look at my apartment. EVERYTHING IS BLUE :(

Wish the fengshui geomancer tells my mum to paint the apartment some other colour next year.

Shall invest in more cloth for backdrops (.__.);;

Anyways I did a photostory and you can find it here
Quite like doing photostories recently D:
I haven’t done one for Ayaka’s arrival, so maybe soon?

I placed Kaya and Kayden up in the shelving above my bed and because Ayaka has no space, I placed her there too.

I didn’t pose them or anything,
but it’s funny how they looked pissed / can’t be bothered with the happy princess infront of them haha.

After this, family and i were supposed to have dinner at home but we changed it to go to an awesome dinner place !
Crispy duck _ popiah skin and more (=3=)

After dinner, I came back and started working on some accessories.
Found out I ran out of chains .. ||ORZ
But I made a few necklaces. Some for the boys, some for the girls.

It’s been a productive and good xmas indeed!
Even if we didn’t have the annual xmas party, it was good~!  (^__^)

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