No updates because…

I’m busy tending to my crops and wooing the love of my life.

All on the 2008 release of Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar.

Only because the latest one on the DS isn’t out in English yet.
My mm refused to let me go to an aplaca farm and I was upset because when she came back to Singapore, she was all, “Oh Geri, my friend showed me the pictures of alpacas she took and they were so cute! We should have gone!!”


Anyways this all ends tomorrow because I have to spend my day focused on finding all my sandplay gakupo things and losing weight for the shoot.

I wonder if I can play harvest moon while on the trendmill..

I stopped farming because of a cosplay meet today~ Oh my animals and vegetables! And Ivan! (T__T)
Haha but it was worth it!
Met my awesome team and it was great! Totally fun!
We got off to a seemingly awkward start at first but we kicked off after talking about the video (and making it a really twisted comedy that involves charlie the unicorn amongst many things!) and about SGcafe drama.

I’m so glad we got along so well (;__;) I was worried at first! Haha.
We chatted from like 1.30 – like 6.30!!

We will be meeting again soon to discuss other serious matters haha.
Oh dear costume, please arrive early *prays*
But for now… *off to farming*
Ho ho ho.

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