Forgiveness & other things

” But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

– Matthew 6:15

Forgiveness is something that doesn’t happen overnight.
So, day by day, I’m inching forward in my slow lazy way to forgiving you.
But it will happen one day.
Because if I cannot forgive someone like you,
how would my Father in heaven forgive someone like me.

I only pray that you learn to be a better person and not someone who terrorises every single living being on this place we call Earth.

Will update about the vocaloid sandplay shoot I helped in, about cosplay ethnics and otome road another time.
I have semi-given up on Harvest Moon coz I’m so annoyed with my cat -> HAHA.

Also I’m not exactly fully aware of all things happening in the Naruto world, but right now I’m reading the manga and anime.
[I CANNOT watch /read about Itachi’s death. I hate it that they do so many flashbacks about Itachi. Breaks my heart (T_T)]
I feel like a Narutard again (T_T)

But the week’s turning out to be good!

Lunch with childhood friends and tea with cousin on Monday.
Kuroichou reunion on Friday! [THOUGH MINUS MY TAICHOU! WTF :( *SAD FACE MAX*]
Photoshoot with Yee Long on Saturday or was it Sunday? I will check my iPhone soon.. Haha?

It will be a good week I think.
Though I felt like shit today, Naruto pulled me through with nonsensical fillers.

It’s 5.11am but I’m not even sleepy at all and I feel like I haven’t eaten in days.
Not having anything to do sometimes sucks.
But I’m gonna treasure bumming around till March when I become a slave to the industry :(

Should go out to get baking stuff soon too~
CNY goodies.
Oh ho ho ho.

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