Spent Monday being a social budderrrrflllyyy haha.
Met childhood pals for lunch at Wild Honey~
Unfortunately they seem to have limited seating so only the girls sat together ~ Haha.

On the way~
Also took this pic for the review ~

Joy~~ When I was younger, I seriously thought her name was “Joy Joy”.

Alisa~~ K-pop friend~ Hahaa~

With Trixie ~~~ ’89ers rock! :P


Joy and Alisa~Taken by Trix~

Alisa’s Mexican~
Someone joked and said it just looks like a big popiah haha.

Trix’s…. I don’t know what this is hahaa.

Joy’s Belgium~

My Canadian.
It tasted quite bad for the price! The pancake was very very dry~
When you pour maple syrup ran down the pancake.
Bloody thing didn’t absorb.

Quite disappointing! I would rather eat Maccer’s hotcakes haha.

Joy insisted on “people shots”:

After lunch, I met up with my cousin, Wilson kor~
For TWG, because he has never been.. WHUT. Haha.

We went to queue for it too ~
But ok la, nice place to sit down and chit chat away~!

Celebration set plus extra macaroons courtesy of yours truly haha.

I found out my cousin likes Earl Grey. EWWW :(
Made him eat the Earl Grey macaroon on his own haha.

Yum yum~

I resisted ordering something really funny sounding (like Dragon Warrior tea)
and settled for something cute sounding!
Ace of Hearts~!

Maybe it’s becasue I was watching Ciel in Wonderland the other day haha.
But it’s good! Better than the other funny sounding teas I drank at TWG haha.

After chatting till late, I decided to head home!
But halfway my elder brother called and said he’s going to eat prata with friends.
Obviously I would say yes! Haha !

But a lot of drama happened and we eat some crappy prata and beancurd after~

Lix kept saying his beancurd smelt like puke.
So the other boys went to smell theirs (they ordered hot ones)
Hao’s and mine, the cold ones, didn’t smell at all.
So we ignored him and continued eating haha.

The safe choice ! Cold beancurd!

We spent the entire night talking about boyfriends,girlfriends, sec school life, my lil brother..
Pretty fucking hilarious I must say~

It was a good Monday indeed~ (minus the drama part)


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