Eyemazing no.002 review

False eyelashes produced by Jun Komori~! (ex popteen model & currently a popular tv star~!)
Eyemazing No.002 review under the cut~

3 pairs of lashes in one set~
I got this in Japan, but you can purchase from stylegallerytokyo in Singapore~
I think the price is a steal~ Much more worth it than  Tsubasa’s Dolly Wink lashes.
Also I find that the quality is better.

The lash bone is much more stable compared to Dolly Wink’s.
It is not flimsy, so it attaches properly and it’s easy to take care of them.
If the lash bone is weak, cleaning is much more difficult because it is easy to bend the lashes out of shape or pull out the lashes by mistake.

These lashes can last me about 3weeks (wearing them almost everyday).
I only reached 3 weeks because I misplaced the pair (>_>);;

❚ Very full lashes, good for gyaru look without multiple lashes
❚ Strong lash bone makes it easy to clean (Also good for people with hidden double eyelids as it will push your lids up)
❚ Very long so it’s suitable for people with larger/longer eyes
❚ Worth the price!

Pictures wearing no.002:

Close up:

Looks kinda weird here coz I tilted my head (>_>);;

I’ll definitely recommend eyemazing over Dolly Wink if anyone wants to know !
It’s going to be the brand I’ll use the most now ~!
Go Jun~!

I also bought diamond lash, mellish and liz lisa lashes and will write reviews for them soon when I actually wear them and take photos (>_<);;

Overall : ✭✭✭✭✭ /5
Good for beginners !


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    Jenn said,

    where’d you get these? ^^

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