Kuroichou ’06 mini gathering~!

Today’s the day!

I was super excited to meet everyone~!
Even though I didn’t sleep much, I somehow managed to pull myself out of bed~~~~~~

I don’t wanna talk about 171… (>_>);;
Also I THINK my sec school friend sat next to me 3/4 of the ride..
But I wasn’t sure and was too shy to ask if it was really him (>_>);; Coz he looked really different!!
Awkward !!! (>_>);;

If it was him, it would be like AES day today coz at night while waiting to take 171 back I saw this asshole I hated in scouts haha. OBVIOUSLY didnt say hi to him (>_>);

The turnup rate was kinda disappointing, but at least people I liked, turned up! HAHA!
It’s funny coz there are over 40 of us in our Bleach cosplay group in 2006.
And I didn’t know half of them !! D:
So when I opened up the event for other guests to invite, some people on the list…. I’m like WHO ARE YOU OMG D:
Hahaa *facepalm*

Anyways the few that turned up thankfully I knew all! Haha:
1. ME of course! :P – Nemu
2. Judith of course! – Nanao
3. Rhoda – Ulquiorra
4. Yoshi – … Shiba Kaien
5. Hiichan – …The wife of Shiba Kaien.. I can’t rmb omg
6. Tama chan – Frog hollow~!!
7. Eddie – Uruhara
8. Vanda – Soi Fong !

My taichou couldnt make it coz he was at work *SAD FACE*, leo was also at work and bleahh jiji was in thailand!
Wished I still kept in contact with Haru mama, our Rangiku (T_T). I’ll have to strangle her contact out of someone soon! Haha.

We went to Marche like planned~ and I was too hungry to snap any pictures cause I didn’t eat a thing before going over (X_X)
So after sitting there till we had to go because of other diners waiting, we left to Plaza Sing to go to daiso and for dessert~

Attendees ! Minus me (coz i’m taking the pic!) and Hiichan (coz she left to meet her friend).

We had so much fun talking about cosplay, kuroichou times, other people hahaha!, studying in aussie and all sorts of stuff~

We haven’t taken one in so long coz we havent met in so long~
My dajie in cosplay~
Always grateful to her for “showing me the light” haha!
She guided me and inspired me to put more effort in cosplay :3

I think when you first start out in cosplay, having such peers around you is really helpful.
Because you have that mentality to not want to cosfuck! Haha (>_>);;



I need to buy new eyelash glue tomorrow (>_>);;
I lost the cap on my old one and it’s really …. *sigh*

Anyways Eddie and Tama kept saying I’ve changed alot!
I asked if it’s a good or bad thing Eddie said neither. Wtf >( Haha.
Just that I talked differently and was more approachable???.
Ok la, I was quite unapproachable coz I was shy! Haha.
I sometimes waited for people to talk to me.
But yeah, I think I definitely changed in that way!
So I’ll see it as a good change!
Haha~~~ (^_^)v

Super duper nice to just hang out and crap ~~
Ah I miss that~~~!

Anyways hope to do this again when Judith comes back again (^_^)
We should be meeting one more time before she leaves for Brisbane~~
Can’t wait already keke~~

PLEASE MAKE IT THIS TIME *cracks knuckles* DDD<

Chibi’s LJ is full of our pictures STILL.
Oh gawd so embarrassing !!! Haha.

Can you even spot me? Hahaha. Oh gawd… |||ORZ

I’m not in this one, but this looks funny.
Miss Chen being all “teacher-ish” Haha~
And look! Ken and mayo taichou~~ and our frog hollow, tama~ !
I wonder who was our yorouchi (sp?) she was so hot.

Kuroichou pics credit to the photographers who took them but I koped all from Chibi’s LJ!

Rhoda said we should all cosplay Bleach again HAHA.
I think some people are hesitant, but I’m all up for it!
Just tell me when ! Haha~~~

Anyways I’m really worried about my shoot on Sunday!
I didn’t realise how bad my face was until one day my mum booked facial for me the other day!
My mum is awesome truly. (;___;) *gandong*

Anyways fuck, my face isn’t in good condition still.
I think maybe its also because I’ve been lazy to wash my makeup brushes.
I should do that now after typing this post, though it is close to 5am in the morning (X_X) *trouble sleeping again*

Going to steam face tomorrow and buy biore pore packs (T_T)
Then DIY mask.
Also ran out of BB cream.. arghagsdkgasda

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